The name is Thomas Lawrenson. I’m from the South Shore in MA, and have been a sports fan my whole life. I’ve lived in Ma for almost 2 decades, and I’ve been following Boston sports for a decade. Baseball is really my first love. I’m a huge Red Sox fan, and love every aspect of analyzing and following the team. I was raised a Miami Dolphins fan. Sorry to all my New Englanders, but I hate the Patriots. My hatred of them gives a nice outsiders perspective of the team. Most people will tell you how great the that ’07 team was, while I’m going to tell you the truth. There’s a reason they lost the super bowl. More recently I’ve become a huge Bruins fan. I love hockey. It’s a very intense, yet very graceful sport. I love watching, and breaking down the game. I’m not interested in Basketball. To me, it’s a boring sport, and the NBA is so corrupt that the games have no interest to me. However, for the sake of the people, I will start paying attention to the Celtics. Boston is a huge basketball city, and I will give the people what they want. Just don’t expect me to say everything the C’s do is great, and all other organizations suck. I bow down to no one. My background is not just in sports.

I have a background in film, and that is where I would like to be some day. I love making movies. It’s a lot of fun, and very challenging, but something I’m very good at. I  graduated from Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, with a Certificate in Digital filmmaking in 2010. I am an Editor, Director, and Videographer. I have 2+ years experience editing with Final Cut Pro. My main interest in film include Indie films, narrative and documentary, music videos, sports highlights, and live sports. My hope is that I can use this as a jumping off point to a great career in sports, and use the money to go back to my roots in Digital filmmaking.

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