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Patriots prove opportunistic in win against San Diego, look ahead to Buffalo

New England is off to a good start, beating division rival Miami, and now possible playoff opponent San Diego. It was a close game, that San Diego just whittled away. The Chargers easily could have won that game last week, but they self-destructed in the red-zone, along with big plays by the New England defense. On 4th and goal in the 2nd quarter, San Diego elected to go for it on the Pats 1 yard line, down by 3. This was the equivalent to Miami last week, down 7, when they took the field goal. The Chargers said, well Brady’s gonna score anyways, why not score and take the lead instead of tying the game. Mike Tolbert was stuffed trying to go off the right tackle, and Brady took the Patriots right down the field 99 yards for a touchdown. A Vince Wilfork interception in the red zone resulted in another Patriots score, and a late fumble by Mike Tolbert sealed their fate. So while the game never really was in jeopardy, it was a few mistakes away from being a loss for New England. It was definitely closer than the final score indicates, and closer than I thought the game would be. Now we look ahead to the Buffalo Bills, for another big division matchup, over in Buffalo.

Vince WIlfork rumbles his way down the field on his first career interception

Buffalo is a new team this year, now 2-0, and will not be an easy win anymore. Remember back to 2009. Brady was back from his knee injury, and everyone was looking forward to another 2007. Week 1 against Buffalo, in New England, the Bills took an 11 point lead into the final 5:25 of the game. After an 82 yard drive by Brady, the ensuing kickoff was taken out of the endzone and fumbled by Ledois McKelvin. Pats went on to score, and win the game 25-24.

So here we are, 2 years later, and the Bills are a much better team. They have a great threat at Wide Receiver in Stevie Johnson, Fred Jackson is one of the most productive and underrated players in the NFL, and Ryan Fitzpatrick can win games. While the team on paper isn’t that frightening, they will compete each and every week. It really comes down to whether or not the Pats defense can make stops like they did in weeks 1 and 2. The answer I think, is no they can’t. This game will be a shootout, with the Bills going to Stevie Johnson at least a dozen times. So look for McCourtey to get a lot of work on Sunday. The Pats defense did a great job coming up with clutch stops against San Diego last week, and this week will be a better test of that defense. A road game, in a very hostile environment, against a team that is literally dying to beat you. Brady and the Pats offense will do their thing, but we’ve seen the past 2 weeks that they can be stopped. Aaron Hernandez will be out for this week, and possibly the next 5 weeks with an MCL sprain. This could prove to be a huge loss, as he takes up a good portion of the field while corners are too small and linebackers to slow to cover him. Just 1 or 2 crucial stops by the Bills defense should help them get past New England this week, in a 38-34 victory.

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