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Bruins drop game 5, now just 1 game from losing the Stanley Cup

The Bruins lost again in Vancouver, and are now down 3-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals. The series heads to Boston now for the potential series clinching game 6. In game 5, it was a repeat of game 1. The Canucks won 1-0, off a 3rd period goal. This one came early in the period this time. Tim Thomas was again spectacular in net, and he just had no offense behind him. Roberto Luongo was great in net as well, but he received far less threatening chances than Thomas. But when he did face adversity, he was up to the challenge. This game just came down to the Canucks capitalizing on their 1 chance, while the Bruins couldn’t.

Canucks celebrate their 3rd period goal, the only one of the night.

Vancouver celebrates the only goal of the game, scored by Maxim LaPierre in the 3rd period of game 5.

1st Period

The game is on, and we have a penalty on the Vancouver Canucks. Raffi Torres was called for tripping Gregory Campbell. He actually used his leg to kick him down. Very dangerous play, but Campbell came up just fine. So the Bruins were on the powerplay at 1:39, with a huge chance to take the lead. The powerplay looked atrocious again. They did however get a big chance by Lucic in the slot. Vancouver turned the puck over to Kaberle at the near point. He made a slap pass to Bergeron at the near post, who centered a pass for Lucic in the slot. But Luongo made a great kick save to keep the one-timer out. So the penalty ended with just that 1 shot on net. But Boston came back with a huge chance off the rush. Kelly and Marchand came up ice 2-on-1, with Kelly in the near circle. Kelly took a snap shot, and rang the iron. Boston was unfortunately kept off the board. Boston tried clearing the puck from the neutral zone, but it was poked away by Kessler. He picked the loose puck up in the neutral zone, skated to the point, and passed across ice to Mason Raymond. Raymond skated through the slot to the near side, and took a shot. But Thomas somehow made a blocker save on a very open near side. The puck went behind the net, and was pinned against the boards. Boston would go back on the powerplay after Henrik Sedin took a cheap shot at Boychuk from behind. Boychuk was battling along the boards for the puck, when Sedin came in and knocked his head into the boards. Boychuk was a little shaken up on the play, but fine nonetheless. So the Bruins had another powerplay at 6:54 for interference. But the Bruins were again stifled, looking pathetic all around. They couldn’t hold the puck in the attacking zone for any amount of time. The Canucks came back with huge pressure, but couldn’t get any good shots on the Thomas. The teams were skating up-and-down the ice, with intense pressure each way. The Canucks would take another bad penalty though, as Alberts was called for roughing at 14:13. Manny Malhotra had a shorthanded bid right off the bat. Seidenberg had trouble handling the puck at the point, and Malhotra poked the puck away from him. He then chipped it right over Seidenberg, and skated by him to get a semi-breakaway. Malhotra took a shot from the far circle, but Thomas made the stop. Boston picked the puck back up, and brought it into the attacking zone. From the point, Seidenberg took a slap-shot. The puck was deflected in front, but stopped by Luongo. The rebound came right to Bergeron in the slot, but Luongo made another great kick save. That would be the only good chance for the Bruins, as the Canucks again suffocated the Boston powerplay. Boston was now 0-3 on the man advantage. With just 32.2 seconds remaining in the period, Milan Lucic and Alex Burrows would receive matching minor penalties. Burrows picked up his skate, and put it right in on Lucic’s skate trying to draw a penalty. The refs warned both of them, and Burrows did it again and fell down. That was enough for the refs, and they sent them both to the box. Lucic received a trip, and Burrows an embellishment call. At least that’s how it was announced by the Vancouver PA announcer. And to top it all off, the crowd booed at the announcement. Just disgusting hockey, and I’m very glad the refs sent Burrows to the box. That’s what you get for trying to deceive to win. So they would skate 4-on-4 for 2 minutes, with carryover time into the 2nd period. And that’s how the 1st would end, still scoreless.

2nd Period

The 2nd period started with 1:28 remaining of 4-on-4 time. Neither team had any good chances, and they were back to 5-on-5 hockey. Vancouver took control of the 2nd early, with Boston having trouble turning the puck over in their own zone. The Canucks had a 3-on-3 coming up ice, with Chara and Kessler heading straight towards Tim Thomas. Chara lifted the stick of Kessler, and his stick inadvertently whacked Tim Thomas in his face-mask. He would be called for goalie interference, and the Bruins were back on the powerplay at 4:18. Boston was shut down early, but as the powerplay went on they started to control the puck. Boston focused on getting shots from the point by Chara, but they didn’t have good traffic in front of Luongo. The powerplay ended without a goal, and we were still scoreless. Vancouver came back with a face-off win by Kessler in their own zone. The puck was sent up the boards to Higgins, who was now 1-on-1 with McQuaid. Higgins just blew right by McQuaid, so he turned around and smacked at Higgins with his stick to try to slow him down. He took him down, and an easy tripping call for the refs. So the Canucks had a powerplay at 7:22, and a huge chance for this powerplay to get off the snide and take the lead in this game. The Canucks were getting great traffic in front of Thomas, and generating tons of chances with point shots. The Bruins fought hard on the pk, and were able to kill off another penalty. The Bruins came back with pressure after the penalty, and Luongo lost control of his stick. So the Bruins had a huge chance to take the lead, and they took control of the puck in the attacking zone. Boston wasn’t able to score, and Luongo eventually got his stick back, but you could feel the momentum starting to shift Boston’s way. We were now midway through the 2nd period, and still scoreless. The Canucks came back with pressure of their own though, trying to regain control of this game. The Canucks rushed into the Boston zone, and sent the puck around the net. The puck was picked up by Vancouver, and sent to the near point to Tanev. Thomas jumped out in front to get a good look, and Tanner Glass was left all alone in the far slot. Tanev made a slap pass to Glass, fooling everyone on the ice. Thomas froze for a moment, and then saw the puck going to the slot. He dived across his crease to make the save. But he wouldn’t need it this time, as Glasas couldn’t get the shot off. The Bruins defenders helped block down his 2nd chance shot, and the puck was covered up. Off an ensuing face-off win by Vancouver, Mason Raymond took the puck behind the Boston net. He went towards the far side, and when Thomas flinched, he quickly went near post trying to jam the puck in. Burrows came in and took a slash at Thomas after the whistle, and Seidenberg didn’t like that. Seidenberg absolutely leveled Burrows, taking him to the ice. The refs already weren’t too happy with Burrows, so they didn’t feel the need to call any penalty on Seidenberg. The Canucks kept the pressure up, and were able to draw a penalty this time. Bergeron lost his stick, and ended up taking a hold of Sammy Salo. So Bergeron was called for holding at 15:56. The Canucks now had a huge chance late in the period to take the lead. Vancouver had a couple of good chances, but the Bruins penalty killers were again too strong for Vancouver. So the game remained scoreless. That would be it for the 2nd period, and for the 2nd time in Vancouver we are scoreless after 2 periods of play.

3rd Period

The 3rd period started with intense pressure by both teams. They weren’t getting any shots on net, but the skaters were playing with an edge early. Both teams were trying to gain the advantage in this period early. It was an constant ebb and flow for the first 4 minutes. The Canucks had a great chance coming up ice off the rush. Seidenberg pinched along the boards to keep the puck in, but it was pushed ahead by Vancouver. Lucic was backing up Seidenberg, and now had to skate back with the Canuck offense. The Canucks took the puck into the Boston zone, and put the puck on Thomas. The ensuing face-off was won back by Vancouver, and Beiksa had the puck at the point. He shot the puck intentionally wide, and it ricocheted off the boards to LaPierre in the near slot. Thomas was out of his crease to see the shot, and got caught when the puck went around. LaPierre had a wide open net to shoot at, and he squeezed it by the stretching Thomas. The Canucks were up 1-0 4:35 into the 3rd. The Canucks took control of the game, and had tremendous offensive opportunities. The Bruins were doing a good job of getting the puck into the attacking zone, but they just couldn’t hold it in there for any amount of time. As the 1st line of Boston was breaking into the attacking zone, Peverley took the puck single-handedly through the Vancouver defense. He was forced off to the boards, where he had the puck taken away from him. While battling for the puck, a Canuck hit the ice, and Peverley would be called for tripping at 12:09. The Canucks were now on the powerplay, and had a huge chance to take a 2 goal lead. The Canucks didn’t get great chances off this powerplay, with the Bruins pk collapsing around the puck. The penalty ended without a goal, and we were now under 5 minutes to go in the game. Boston had a great chance with the Rich Peverley streaking towards the slot. He received a pass from the far circle, and tried to tip the puck in, but Luongo stayed strong in the butterfly. Another great chance off a face-off win by Kreci in the attacking zone. He won it back to Ference, who got it back to Boychuck for a one-timer. But another great save by Luongo with his pads. Kreci won another face-off in the attacking zone, and Ference took the shot this time from the top of the circle. Yet another big pad save for Luongo. The Bruins finally started to get the offense moving, and were brining the heat to the Vancouver defense. Vancouver even iced the puck twice in a row. Vancouver sent the puck into the Boston zone, and the Bruins had trouble exiting their own zone. Boston finally got the puck into the attacking zone, and Thomas was emptied from the net with under a minute to play. After the puck was deflected out of play in the attacking zone, coach Julien decided to call his time-out with 42.2 seconds remaining. The Canuck defense stood tall, and was able to keep the puck moving and away from Luongo or any Bruin for that matter. The Canucks cleared their own zone, and the clock would wind down. Vancouver came away with another 1-0 win in Vancouver, and now lead the Stanley Cup Finals 3-2.

Post-Game Breakdown

Another tough loss for the Bruins, as the drop another game in Vancouver, 1-0. Boston is now 0-3 in Vancouver this postseason, and has only scored 2 goals to Vancouver’s 5, and has been shutout twice. The home teams have clearly enjoyed their home ice advantage. Vancouver is 3-0, outscoring Boston 5-2 in Vancouver. Boston is 2-0, outscoring Vancouver 12-1. Now 1 number is more lopsided than the other, and that’s what’s frustrating. The Bruins just need to take those 2 goals they scored in game 2, and score them in this game. Then they win 2-1, and take the 3-2 lead in the series. totally different game heading to Boston up 3-2.

The Bruins didn’t play a bad game in last nights game, they just didn’t play well enough. The Bruins just rely on Tim Thomas too much it seems like, and he’s doing everything he can to get a Stanley Cup to Boston. It’s actually quite sad to watch Timmy do everything he can, and scrap and claw for every little inch, and have it still not be enough. I feel bad for him this series. He’s kept them in every game, where Luongo hasn’t done the same for his team, yet the Canucks are up a game. Boston just has to find a way to put the puck in the net. I think that will require more ice time for Tyler Seguin. Seguin was playing with tremendous speed and energy all night, yet he only saw over 9 minutes of ice time. He also saw just under 30 seconds of powerplay time. For a powerplay that has been awful all season long, you think he would change things up and get the fast skating Seguin out there? Claude needs to get the kid out there more in game 6 to help generate some offense.

Heading into game 6, I have some concerns about the Bruins. With the way game 5 went, I don’t feel great about Boston’s chances to score. But, as we saw with games 3 and 4, the Vancouver games had no impact in Boston. The Bruins were far and ahead the better team in Boston, so I think they can still win game 6. When the series started, I thought the Canucks would win in 7. Well now, I just hope there is a game 7. I think that the Bruins will come out on top in game 6, because of how well they played at home in game 3 and 4. I think they will force this series back to Vancouver. But I think the Canucks have shown us that the beat down’s in Boston had no affect on them once they got back to Vancouver. So while I look for the Bruins to win game 6 at home, I just can’t see them winning game 7 in Vancouver. I hope I’m wrong, and the Bruins win the next 2, and put those whiny flopping Canucks in their place. But alas, I think the Canucks are just too good on their home ice. Bruins will win game 6, and I just pray for the best in game 7.

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