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Bruins dominate again in game 4, Thomas with the 4-0 shutout

Boston came up huge again last night, dominating game 4 with a 4-0 win. Thomas should have had a shutout in game 3, and had one last night. He has been absolutely stellar all Finals long. Thomas has allowed 5 goals in 4 games, with 3 coming in the game 2 loss. On the contrary, Luongo has been Jekyll and Hyde. In game 1 he had a shutout, and in game 2 allowed 2 goals. But these 2 games in Boston, he’s allowed 12 goals in 5+ periods. There have only been 3 other goaltenders to allow 12 goals in a 2 game span, and they all lost the Cup Finals. With Nathan Horton out for the remainder of the playoffs, Tyler Seguin and Shawn Thornton both saw ice time last night. I assume that is the way it will be for the rest of the postseason. Horton was in the locker room after the game to meet with his teammates. The Bruins played with lots of heart and tenacity, and it was a great game for them all around.

Boston roughs up the Canucks in their 4-0 win in game 4

The Bruins dominate again in game 4, with Tim Thomas protecting his crease in a 4-0 win.

1st Period

The game started with a false start for the opening face-off. Kessler actually cross checked Bergeron to the ice at the center dot. Bergeron won the next face-off back for Boston, and the game was on. The game is already being played with some nastiness by both teams. A couple extra shoves here and there, and I wonder how long the refs will let them go. The 1st line for Boston had Peverley replacing Horton, and they didn’t appear to skip a beat. The 1st line still provided great pressure on Luongo early on. Vancouver had a huge chance off a puck deflected in the neutral zone. Vancouver had a 3-on-2 up ice, and a shot was taken from the far circle. The puck deflected to the near boards, but Thomas had no idea where it was. He laid down in the crease to stop the puck from squirting in, meanwhile the Canucks picked the puck up at the point. He finally saw the puck, and scurried back up. A shot taken from the point was blocked in front, but picked back up by Vancouver in the near slot, and passed across ice. One of the Sedin twins tried to get a one-timer off, and Thomas dove across the crease to make a stop, but the puck went wide. Boston came back off a face-off win in their own zone, with Bergeron and Marchand were 2-on-2 in the attacking zone. Bergeron passed back to Marchand in the center slot, but his backhand went wide. Vancouver came back up ice, after the puck bounced off a referee’s skates in the neutral zone. Kessler picked the puck up, and Ryder took a swipe at him. His stick grazed off Kessler’s leg, but then Kessler’s skate went right over the stick, and he tripped over the blade. Ryder was called for a trip at 6:58, and the Canucks had a great chance to score 1st. The Canucks were doing a great job controlling the puck. They had good movement along the boards, and were very physical trying to screen in front of Thomas. But the Bruins defenders were just too good. They collapsed around the puck very well, and denied the Canucks even a shot on net. The penalty ended for Vancouver, and Boston came back with a huge burst of energy. Michael Ryder was now on the 1st line, and they were creating plenty of chances on Luongo. Kreci had a puck bounce on him in the slot, and later Ryder had a shot blocked down in the slot. Vancouver didn’t play great defense, but they played well enough to survive with Luongo bailing them out. Off a face-off win by Vancouver in the Boston zone, Tim Thomas was inadvertently knocked down by Seidenberg. Vancouver had a huge chance to score, but the Bruins defense collapsed around the puck. Boston got the puck into the neutral zone, and the puck was chipped from the center boards by Kreci to a speeding Peverley. Peverley skated right by the unaware defense, and now had a semi-breakaway. He deked to the forehand, and snuck it right through Luongo’s 5-hole. Boston had taken a very important lead at 11:59, 1-0.  Vancouver came back with huge pressure, feeling the need to respond. But Thomas was up to the challenge, even making a save through about 4 people screening. Boston fought right back with good pressure of their own, but Marchand would be called for cross-checking at 16:10. Vancouver now had a great chance to tie the game on the powerplay late in the 1st. Kessler had a good chance early for a one-timer near post. The puck was deflected by the stick of Seidenberg though, and went wide. That would be the only good look for Vancouver, as the Bruins penalty killers were suffocating. Vancouver finally got 1 shot off, and it was just a puck fired in from the center dot. The powerplay ended without a goal, and there was just a minute and a half remaining in the 1st period. Off a face-off win in their own zone, Vancouver sent the puck up ice. The puck was tipped, and bounced into the Boston zone. Manny Malhotra skated by McQuaid, and took a shot at Thomas from the slot. Thomas made the save, and their was a pile up of racing Canucks and Bruins. Thomas fell to the ice to cover up the puck, and he somehow did. Another huge save for Thomas, and the game was still 1-0. Boston came back with a great scoring chance by Ryder in the slot. He was able to get behind the Vancouver defense, and received a pass to get 1-on-1 with Luongo in the near slot. He took a hard wrist shot, that hit the jersey of Luongo, and then bounced off the post and out to the far boards. Ryder just missed making this a 2-0 game with seconds remaining in the period. That would be the last play of the 1st, and Boston exited with a 1-0 lead. Vancouver outshot Boston 12-6, and Tim Thomas was again magical in net. If he was anything less than perfect, Vancouver could have had the lead.

2nd Period

The 2nd period is on, and some more chippy play all around. Boston had pressure on early, with the 1st line with Peverley doing the damage. The Bruins were controlling the puck for the first 4 minutes of the period. Vancouver was not to be denied though, as they came back with some heat of their own. working the puck in the Boston corner, the puck was tipped or passed out to the slot. Raffi Torres was waiting right there, and got a laser beam one-timer off. Thomas was again solid in net, blocking the puck away. As the Canucks sent the puck into the Boston zone, it was picked up by Ference behind the net. As he came around, he was whacked in the face by Raymond. That would result in a high sticking call at 7:41. The Bruins were stifled all powerplay. The Bruins had just 1 good chance, when Lucic took the puck into the far slot. He skated towards the boards, and passed back to Bergeron in the far slot. He got a one-timer off, but the shot went wide. The powerplay ended without a goal, so the game remained 1-0 midway through the 2nd period. The Bruins ran a breakout play from their own zone. The puck was passed up to Seguin at the far center boards. He passed across ice to Ryder, who skated methodically to the top of the near circle. He just fired a wrist shot off, and beat Luongo between his glove and pad. Luongo thought it was going higher, and he was wrong. Boston took a 2-0 lead at 11:11. Less than a minute later, Boston had a face-off in the attacking zone. The face-off was won back by Kreci, and Lucic would be found all alone in the slot. But the play was blown dead, as Andrew Alberts and Peverley were issued matching minor penalties. Alberts received a slashing call, and Peverley a cross check at 12:05. So they skated 4-on-4 for 2 minutes. Late in the matching penalties, Boston sent the puck in deep to the attacking zone. Vancouver picked it up, and tried to clear up the near boards. Chara pinched in the zone and sent the puck around behind the net. Vancouver tried to clear the puck again, but Chara picked up the puck at the point. He sent the puck to the corner and around the net. Bergeron and Marchand went behind the net, with Marchand’s leg inadvertently taking out Ballard. Henrik Sedin picked up the puck, and Bergeron battled along the boards with him. Sedin passed to Ballard, but he couldn’t handle the puck in tight next to the near post. Bergeron tried to jam the loose puck in, but Luongo had his pad down. The puck bounced out to the slot, and Marchand was right there to pick the puck up. He had it on his backhand, and just roofed the puck into the back of the net. Boston had now taken a 3-0 lead at 13:29. The last 2 shots for Boston had found the back of the net. The 4-on-4 would end, with Boston taking the lead off of it. Boston had some more trouble handling the puck in their zone, and again it was Kaberle. Kaberle was being pushed around in the slot, but he just passed it behind himself to Kelly. Kelly was pressured, and just muscled the puck to Boychuk at the far boards. But Boychuk tried to clear the zone, and he sent the puck clear over the glass. So Boston would go on the pk at 18:49, leaving Vancouver carryover time to the 3rd. The Canucks had nothing going, and the period came to a close. Boston had a 3-0 lead, and Tim Thomas was playing out of this world. He stopped all 25 shots he’s faced, while Luongo was just 15 of 18.

3rd Period

The Canucks started the 3rd period with 51 seconds of powerplay time. Vancouver didn’t even muster a shot on net, and the Bruins had a 3-on-2 up ice as the penalty ended. Rich Peverley was skating through the high slot, when he lost an edge. After he fell, Henrik Sedin took a slash at him trying to get the puck. Sedin would be called for slashing at :52, and the Bruins were on the powerplay. The Bruins just looked atrocious, and the powerplay ended with just 1 shot on goal. Vancouver had more shorthanded bids than Boston did shots, both coming by Mason Raymond. His biggest chance came when he took the puck at the Boston point, and Andrew Ference pinched in on him. Raymond deked right around him, and now had a semi-breakaway. But Ryder came streaking down, and lifted Raymond’s stick as he went for the shot. A huge play by Ryder as the powerplay ended. Boston came back though, after a huge hit turned the puck over in their own zone. Kreci picked up the puck, and passed ahead to Lucic. Lucic skated up the side boards entering the attacking zone, with Kevin Beiksa going for the hip check. Lucic stopped, and skated right around the hip check, and Boston now had a 2-on-1 in the slot. Lucic centered a pass for Peverley, but Luongo poked the puck away. Kessler clamped down on Peverley as the 2 went towards the net, and the puck bounced up into their bodies. The puck was lost for a moment, and then appeared in the back of the Vancouver net. Boston had surprisingly taken a 4-0 lead, with Rich Peverley being awarded the goal at 3:39. That was it for Roberto Luongo, as Corey Schneider substituted him in net. Boston came right back with pressure on Schneider, testing him early. He appeared up to the challenge, and Vancouver took the puck into the Boston zone. The Canucks weren’t going to lie down like they did Monday night. As the puck was sent up the far boards, Mark Recchi checked a Canuck into the boards. His stick was up high, and the shaft inadvertently hit him the eye. Boston would go on the pk at 9:14, and Vancouver had a chance to break into this lead. The Canucks would kill their own powerplay though when Ryan Kessler decided to take a whack at the back of the legs of McQuaid. He received a slashing call at 10:25, so they skated 4-on-4 for 48 seconds. Surprise, Kessler continues to play dirty, and I would like to add that McQuaid didn’t even flinch when he was hit. If that was a Canuck, he would have hit the ice whining like a baby. We’ve seen it all series, and it just shows what these 2 teams are really made of. Vancouver had the better scoring chances during the 4-on-4, but Thomas continued to make every save. The 4-on-4 ended, and the Bruins had 1:12 of powerplay time. Boston couldn’t do anything with the puck, and the powerplay ended without a goal. The Bruins were playing a bit sloppy, and they had a tough time getting the puck out of their own zone. But Boston would go back on the powerplay, after LaPierre broke Shawn Thornton’s stick. LaPierre would receive a slashing call at 14:36, and the Bruins had a chance to embarrass the Canucks with a goal off the man advantage. The Bruins again looked pathetic, having trouble even entering the attacking zone. We were now down to under 3 and a half to play, and the only thing the Bruins were playing for now was the shutout. Brad Marchand was skating into the attacking zone, when he stopped and skated around Erhinhoff. While he went by, he grabbed the head of Ehrhoff and threw him down. As he went to the corner, Daniel Sedin came charging at Marchad. He ducked under Sedin’s check, and Sedin tumbled over him. Ballard came in and grabbed Marchand, and the 2 tussled down to the ice. The best part was when McQuaid came over to back up his foreword, and he grabbed Ehrhoff. McQuaid had his helmet off, and his gloves down. He was ready to fight. Ehrhoff threw his gloves down, saw McQuaid, and went right to the turtle. He wanted no part of this fight once he saw he couldn’t match up. The commentator said that was a bad matchup, and McQuaid would wreck Ehrhoff. He added that people don’t seem to know how tough Adam McQuaid is. That just had me laughing in my chair. It is absolutely true. All of us in Boston have seen McQuaid beat the life out of some people, and know exactly what he was talking about. As for the game, there were some penalties issued at 17:33. Marchand received a roughing minor served by Seguin, as well as holding and tripping minors. Ballard received a roughing minor, and McQuaid received a game misconduct. So the Canucks had 4 minutes of powerplay time, and even decided to empty their net. Vancouver was desperate for a goal, which is not a sign of faith in your team when you already have a 4 minute powerplay if you ask me. During the powerplay, Burrows chopped the stick out of Tim Thomas’s hand. A little later, Thomas slashed the back of Burrows leg, and Burrows turned around and cross-checked him. Thomas smacked at Burrows, and Seidenberg threw him down to the ice. A small scrum ensued, with more penalties being assessed at 18:09. Burrows received a cross checking minor, Kessler received a roughing minor and a game misconduct. Chara received a roughing minor and a game misconduct, and Kelly received a slashing minor. So it remained an extended powerplay for the Canucks. Schneider was put back in goal for the final minute and a half. The Canucks did a good job of holding the puck in the Boston zone, getting some point shots off. Boston would clear the zone though, and the puck skated down the ice as the period ended. The Boston Bruins had fought hard, and come away with 2 wins at home to even the Stanley Cup Finals. Game 4 was over, with the Bruins winning 4-0.

Post-Game Breakdown

Another great win for the Bruins, and a terrible loss for the Canucks. Boston dominated all facets of the game again last night, and Tim Thomas was his usual self. For the Bruins, it has been the mark of consistency in net, with timely goal scoring. For the Canucks, it’s been a tale of 2 teams. In Vancouver, the Canucks scored 4 goals, with Luongo allowing just 2. Luongo even shutout the Bruins for the first 4 periods of these Cup Finals. But once they got to Boston, they became a different team, as did the Bruins. Boston has upped the physicality, and has really worked over the Vancouver star players. Luongo has turned into a puddle these 2 games in Boston, allowing 12 goals in the 2 games here. Meanwhile, the Bruins were very unfortunate to lose both games in Vancouver. Considering that Tim Thomas was stellar in both games, it came down to not enough offense and bad turnovers for the Bruins. The 1st line for each team really set the tone in this game. Lucic had an assist with 5 shots on net. Kreci had 2 assists with 3 shots on net. He also leads all skaters in points and goals in these playoffs. Peverley had 2 shots and 2 goals. The 1st line for Vancouver meanwhile did nothing. The Bruins pk has also been tremendous, with the Bruins powerplay actually being better than Vancouver’s these Cup Finals. Vancouver is just 1 for 22 on the powerplay, while the Bruins have 3 goals on their chances. When the game is even strength at 5-on-5, the Bruins are +24, and the Canucks are -2. The Bruins are 10-1 scoring 1st, and 8-1 when leading after 2 periods. Kreci becomes just the 6th Bruin with 10 goals and 10 assists in the postseason. This is also the 1st shutout win in the Stanley Cup Finals for Boston since game 3 of the 1978 Finals against Montreal. Marchand tied a Bruins rookie record with 8 playoff goals in a single postseason. Claude Julien has now tied Don Cherry for the most playoff wins by a Bruin coach with 31. It was quite a historic night in Boston. Heading into game 5, Boston has all the momentum. The Bruins seem to be inside Luongo’s head, and their coach now faces a big decision. Does he start Luongo or Schneider in game 5?

The Bruins are coming off 2 devastating wins in Boston, and now know what they must do. If the Bruins are going to win the Cup Finals, they must win 1 game in Vancouver. Preferably game 5, as it sets up perfectly for the Bruins to win the Cup in game 6 at home. And I’m starting to believe that is going to happen. But it’s been a tale of 2 cities, as each home team has dominated these games. I feel good about the Bruins in game 5, and I think they will win. With all the troubles Luongo is having, and the 1st line for Vancouver, it just seems like the Bruins have everything going their way. If Boston wins game 5, they will have the perfect chance to win the Stanley Cup in game 6. Losing game 5 would mean more pressure to win 2 straight games, including game 7 in Vancouver. You can’t give the Canucks a chance if you’re Boston, and they need to step on the throat of Vancouver Friday night.

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