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Rome receives 4 game suspension, Horton out with severe concussion

Horton on the ice after being hit late by Aaron Rome

Nathan Horton lies on the ice after a late hit by Aaron Rome in game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals

The NHL came down hard Tuesday afternoon on Vancouver Canuck Aaron Rome for his late and blindsided hit on Nathan Horton. The NHL decided to suspend Aaron Rome for 4 games, which effectively takes him out of the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals. The league’s senior vice president of hockey operations Mike Murphy said about the ruling, “Two factors were considered in reaching this decision… The hit by Rome was clearly beyond what is acceptable in terms of how late it was delivered after Horton had released the puck and it caused a significant injury.” If the series ends before game 7, there will be carryover time into the start of the 2011-2012 season. Horton received a severe concussion, and will miss the remainder of the Stanley Cup Finals. Not to mention how this will affect him and his everyday life going forward. So while there is a sense of justice now that Rome has been suspended, it will never be enough for Nathan Horton. Horton will now have to miss the remainder of his 1st ever postseason, and what’s more, the Stanley Cup Finals. Horton will be recovering for the next year or so, and is just going to try to get his life back to normal. As we’ve seen with Mark Savard, a sever concussion is not easy to come back from. The problems Savard is currently suffering from are hard to stomach, and it’s very sad to watch a great player breakdown in his everyday life. I just hope and pray that Horton recovers quickly, and doesn’t suffer from any serious post-concussion syndrome. As for the ruling, terrific. The NHL totally got this one right, and even could have suspended Rome for more games. The hit was clearly late, the head was targeted, and Horton suffered a severe concussion. I think the only reason he didn’t get more games, is because he is not a repeat offender. On a side note, this all could have been avoided if Burrows was suspended 1 game for his biting indecent. If Burrows was suspended, then you don’t see these 2 teams throwing fingers in everyone’s face, and then you don’t see these 2 teams throwing late hits at each other. Boston felt they were gyped a suspension, and then LaPierre started putting his finger in Bergeron’s face. So Boston responded with physical play, and then the Canucks decided to resort to dirty tactics. A terrible hit that should have never happened, and Horton now has to suffer for the rest of his life.


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