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Bruins dominate game 3, now trail Stanley Cup 2-1

Game 3 is in the books, and the Bruins just destroyed the Canucks. Boston came out with an 8-1 win, scoring 4 goals in the 2nd and 3rd period. Boston just dominated every facet of the game. Thomas was nearly perfect in net, allowing the only goal of the game off a perfect shot in the 3rd period. The defense for Boston pounded away on the Vancouver offense, and clearly got under their skin with how physical they were playing. Kessler, Burrows, and Daniel Sedin each took awful misconduct penalties in the game. The offense for Boston was very apparent. Boston scored 8 goals tonight, easily the most goals scored by any team this postseason. They had some dirty goals, and some pretty goals. It was a nice mix for Boston, and I think that is a good sign for them. They just beat Luongo in every way, and you have to wonder if that will get in his head a little bit. Coach Julien made a change last night, scratching Tyler Seguin and putting in Shawn Thornton. It paid off big, as Thornton brought a lot of energy to the Bruins tonight and made his presences felt throughout the game. Great game by Boston, and I wish I could relive this every day.

Thomas clears out Henrik Sedin

Tim Thomas and the Bruins fight back, and dominate game 3 in an 8-1 win

1st Period

The game is on, and the Bruins are offsides. Boychuk sent a puck around the ne from the red line, but Marchand touched the puck offsides.The Bruins are playing very physical, and Alex Burrows is public enemy #1. Recchi and Thornton hammered Burrows along the sideboards. The Bruins were entering the Canuck zone, and Nathan Horton made a pass to Lucic on the far side. Horton was hammered by Aaron Rome well after his pass, and Horton’s head hit the ice hard. He lay motionless on the ice for a moment, but was able to move soon after. The stretcher was even brought out to carry him off. Aaron Rome was issued a 5 minute major for interference, and a 10 minute game misconduct and ejection at 5:07. The Bruins now had a 5 minute powerplay to work with, and a huge chance to take the lead. Recchi had 2 great chances for Boston, once on a tip-in and once jamming the net off a Chara shot. On the later play, Recchi was cleared out by 2 Canucks. Vancouver was playing dirty hockey, and it was frustrating to watch them get away with everything. Boston had a chance off the rush, with Lucic and Kreci in a 2-on-1 situation. Lucic had the puck in the center slot, and passed to the far slot to Kreci. But the puck was deflected by a Vancouver skate, and went in on the now sprawling Luongo. The puck skidded to his chest, and Kreci tried to jam at it, but it was covered up. Seidenberg had 2 great chances in the near slot all alone, but Luongo was terrific in net. The Bruins had tremendous movement, and were getting great shots off. But the powerplay ended without a goal again for the Bruins. Vancouver took the puck into the Boston zone, and the puck was sent out of play in the Boston zone. McQuaid was called for delay of game at 11:41, so Boston now had to kill off an important penalty. Vancouver had a couple quick chances, but the Bruins pk tightened up. Boston killed off the penalty, allowing just 1 shot on net by Vancouver. The 2 teams fought up-and-down the ice. This game had an incredible tempo. The Canucks broke into the Boston zone, with Mason Raymond taking the puck in the slot. He deked right around Siedenberg, and was 1-on-1 with Thomas. He took a quick shot at the Boston netminder, but it hit him right in the chest. The rebound came back to Raymond, who got a second shot off. But Thomas made a terrific save with his left pad or glove, and kept the puck out of the net. That was the last good shot of the night, as the period would come to a close scoreless.

2nd Period

The 2nd period started with a win off the opening face-off by Vancouver. The puck was taken by Edler, who tried to make a pass up ice. He broke his stick on the pass though, and Kreci picked up the loose puck at the point. He had a huge chance in the far circle, but Luongo turned him away. The puck went up the near boards to Peverley, who chipped it to Ference at the point. Ference fired a knuckleball shot off, and into the back of the net. Luongo never saw the shot with Kreci screening in-front, and Boston had a 1-0 lead just 11 seconds into the game. Boston kept the tempo up, and had a scoring chance from Thornton. Thornton skated into the far slot, but had his stick lifted and was hooked by Tambellini. Boston would go back on the powerplay at 2:42 for hooking. The powerplay of Boston remained relatively ineffective. Vancouver was clearing the puck, and Boston couldn’t get any offense going. But with seconds remaining, the Bruins set up a play in the slot. Ryder passed to Recchi in the far slot, and he centered a pass for Peverley. The puck was deflected by the stick of Ryan Kessler, and went right through the 5-hole of Luongo. Boston was now up 2-0 just 4:22 into the period. Vancouver entered the Boston zone, and Burrows skated towards the corner. He skated right towards Ference, who bumped him with his shoulder. Burrows hit the ice, and drew a tripping call at 6:22. The Canucks had a few great chances on Thomas early, but Thomas stood tall in net. The Bruins created their own chances on the pk, with Paille getting a shot off that Luongo turned away. The Bruins seemed to create more chances than the Canucks did on the penalty. The powerplay ended without a goal for the Canucks, so Boston kept their 2-0 lead. Boston would go back on the penalty kill minutes later, as Lucic was called for slashing at 10:30. The Bruins kept the tempo up though, and Marchand just took the puck away from Daniel Sedin at the Boston point. He skated through the neutral zone, and chipped the puck ahead and skated right by 3 Vancouver defenders to get into the slot. He skated right through the slot, and Luongo tried to make a poke check going spread eagle. Marchand dragged the puck by Luongo, and roofed it into the net. Boston was now up 3-0 at 11:30 off a shorthanded goal. The Canucks powerplay ended without a shot on net, and they were back to 5-on-5. The Bruins were playing with tremendous energy, and had total control of this game. Boston was controlling the puck in the offensive zone for a good 2 or 3 minutes before Vancouver cleared the puck. Boston came back with a 3-on-3 rush attempt, and Michael Ryder took a shot from the high slot that Luongo blocked down. The rebound came right to Kreci in the near slot, and he got a one-timer off that beat Luongo high glove side. Boston was now up 4-0 at 15:47. Vancouver took the puck back into the Boston zone, and had the puck in the slot. A shot taken rebounded out, and was knocked away by Seidenberg. Johnny Boychuk tried to knock the puck away, and nailed  Victor Oreskovich in the face. Boychuk received a 4 minute double minor for high-sticking at 17:36. Boston had the 1st chance though, with Bergeron taking the puck away at center ice. He skated into the slot and took a shot near post, but Luongo made a blocker save. Vancouver picked the puck back up, but didn’t get any good scoring chances. The period ended without a powerplay goal by the Canucks, so there would be carryover time into the 3rd. Boston exited the 2nd period with a 4-0 lead, and complete control of the game.

3rd Period

The Canucks began the 3rd period with 1:36 remaining in penalty time. But the Bruins pk was too strong, and denied the Canucks a goal. But Boston would go back on the pk, after Ryder checked Tambollieni hard into the boards. He would receive a roughing call at 2:50. Vancouver had some great chances early, but Thomas was just too good on this night. During a face-off, Zdeno Chara and Alex Burrows would give each other a whack with their sticks. The refs decided to defuse the situation, and sent both players to the box with offsetting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at 3:33. It remained 5-on-4 for just over a minute now. The Canucks had more good scoring chances, but Thomas stopped them all. The powerplay ended without a goal, and Boston remained up 4-0. Vancouver was out shooting Boston 7-0 within the first 5 minutes, but Thomas was just standing on his head all night. After turnover in the Boston zone in which Henrik Sedin knocked the puck up in the air, he gloved down the puck right in front of Thomas. Thomas just plowed into Sedin, knocking him down so he couldn’t shoot and the puck trickled by the near post and was cleared out by Boston. As Vancouver picked the puck back up in their own zone, they sent the puck down for an icing call. Ference touched the puck up with Daniel Sedin chasing him, and then bumped him shoulder-to-shoulder. Sedin proceeded to fall to the ice, and grabbed his face. Just disgraceful, as he was trying to milk a call from the refs. I don’t know what happened on the ice between those two, but as Ference skated off Sedin grabbed him from behind. He was using his stick to put him in a chokehold of sorts, before the refs finally broke them up. Both players would receive a 10 minute misconduct penalty at 6:59. Vancouver had a great scoring chance after McQuaid made a blind pass to the slot, but Thomas again made a terrific save and froze the puck. After the play, Kessler skated into the crease and tried to clear out McQuaid. Thornton didn’t like that, and got right in Kessler’s face. Thornton dragged Kessler to the endboards, and the two started jawing at each other, stuffing hands in each others face. For some reason, the refs decided to toss Thornton from the game, as he received a 10 minute misconduct and an extra roughing call at 7:58. So the Canucks were now on the powerplay, with a chance to make a dent into the Boston lead. But Vancouver would cancel their own penalty, after Kessler hit an unsuspecting Paille into the boards at 9:11 for a boarding call. It was now 4-on-4 for 47 seconds. Boston had the puck in the attacking zone, but the puck was taken away and passed ahead by Vancouver. Higgins now had a clean breakaway, and deked to the backhand. But Thomas just made the save with his stick covering up the 5-hole. One of his biggest saves of the night, and of the season for Boston. The 4-on-4 ended, and Boston now was on the powerplay for 1:13. The powerplay would end without any good chances by Boston. The Canucks sent the puck in on Thomas right after the penalty ended, and he covered up the puck. As Burrows went by him, he took a slash at Thomas. Lucic didn’t like that, so he slashed at Burrows, and jabbed him right in the head. Burrows got up and smacked Lucic around, and the 2 got into an altercation. Lucic ended up throwing his glove off, and sticking his finger right into Burrows’s face. After their altercation, Seidenberg and Kessler got into their own fight. They both dropped the gloves, and Seidenberg took down Kessler quickly. Kessler turned over and got on top of Seidenberg, and then proceeded to punch at his head. The refs finally broke them up, but that was just a despicable move by Kessler. I hope the entire nation can now see how classless these Canucks are, and just how dirty they play. Now I don’t condone Lucic hitting Burrows either, but that is the only thing I can say I didn’t agree with by the Bruins. Cheap shots by Kessler, and an attempted chokehold by Sedin is just pathetic and classless. The penalties, all at 11:16, shook out like this. Burrows received a minor for slashing, and a 10 minute misconduct. Lucic received a 2 minute roughing, and 10 minute misconduct. He also received a 2 minute minor for slashing, served by Michael Ryder. Kessler and Seidenberg each received a 5 minute major for fighting, and a 10 minute misconduct. The Bruins would come up with a scoring chance though, as Paille took the puck and skated into the high slot. He skated right through a Canuck defender, just outmuscling him. He took a shot that hit Luongo underneath his glove. The puck deflected off and went into the net. Boston was now up 5-0 at 11:38, scoring their 2nd shorthanded goal. The penalty was dominated by the Bruins pk unit, and ended without a Canuck goal. But Vancouver would capitalize soon afterwards, as Kessler had the puck in the far slot. Kessler passed across ice to Hansen, who put it by the diving Thomas. Boston had its lead cut into, now up 5-1 at 13:53. Boston took control of this game though, and Vancouver wouldn’t do anything in the last 5 minutes of the game. In the last 3 minutes, Boston had a 2-on-1 coming up ice with Kreci and Marchand. Kreci passed across ice to Marchand, but the puck bounced off his stick and behind the net. Marchand picked up the puck, and passed to the slot to Recchi. He got a one-timer off and into the net at 17:39. Boston was now up 6-1. Shortly after the goal, there was an altercation between Andrew Ference and Kevin Bieksa. The 2 would each receive a 10 minute misconduct at 17:51. Boston wasn’t done yet though, as Chara sent the puck into the corner boards in the attacking zone. The puck was picked up by Paille, who passed back into the far slot to Kelly. Kelly put it right through Luongo’s 5-hole. It was now 7-1 Bruins at 18:06. The game was virtually over now, as the Canucks sent the puck into the Boston zone. Johnny Boychuk picked the puck up behind the net. He made a pass around the net, and was hit by a charging Torres. He received a charging call at 18:53, so the Bruins now had a powerplay for the last-minute of the night. Boston would make it count, as Michael Ryder would put a shot into the back of the net skating through the far circle. Boston took an 8-1 lead now at 19:29. That’s 3 goals for the Bruins in just 1:50. That would be the last play of the game, and the Bruins would exit with an 8-1 win in game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Post-Game Breakdown

What a great game by the Bruins. Boston absolutely destroyed the Canucks last night, controlling every facet of the game. The offense was very apparent, scoring 8 goals. We saw contributions from guys like Marchand and Ryder, guys who have been non-existent since the Philly series. The defense clamped down on Vancouver all night. Boston was physical, and chippy all night. They clearly got under the skin of Vancouver’s top guys. Tim Thomas even got in on the action, taking out Henrik Sedin on a play. Thomas was fantastic in net. He stopped 40 of 41 shots, and stifled the Canucks offense all night lone. Vancouver was also 0-6 on the powerplay again. Boston beat them up-and-down the ice with their pk unit. The Canucks couldn’t compete with Boston, and they resorted to dirty tactics throughout the game. Kessler took some cheap shots at Seidenberg when he was on the ice, Daniel Sedin attempted to put Ference in a chokehold. Just a couple of the classless things I saw all game. To describe this as a huge win for the Bruins is understating it. This is the 1st 1st home playoff win since 1978 for Boston. It is also the 1st time since 1991 that 2 shorthanded goals were scored in the same game. It was quite a historic night at the TD Garden. In game 4, I look for the Canucks to come out with a vengeance. They were embarrassed on national TV, and can’t let that happen again. Look for some chippy play, and late hits to try to get underneath the Bruins skin. If the Bruins have any hope of winning the Stanley Cup, they must win game 4 to tie the series at 2. And I do expect the Bruins to win. Look for them to win in a low scoring affair, and head back to Vancouver tied at 2. With Horton out, it will be tough. But I hope the Bruins play for their fallen teammate, and beat up on the Canucks.

Speaking of Horton, their has been an official release on him from the Bruins. Horton left game 3 after being blindsided by Aaron Rome, almost a full second after he released the puck. He was taken to Mass General Hospital, with movement in all his extremities. TSN, Canada’s sports network, released this information, that the hit was 28 frames after he released the puck. TSN measures a full second as 30 frames. So it was a late hit, as well as a blindsided hit. Look for Rome to be suspended at least 2 games, but Nathan Horton will miss the remainder of these playoffs with a severe concussion. This is a huge loss for the Bruins already weak offense, and now Nathan Horton faces a tough return to get back to his normal way of living. We all hope for the best, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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