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No punishment for Burrows bite.

The NHL decided not to take action against Alex Burrows for this bite on Patrice Bergeron

The NHL has decided not to punish Vancouver Canuck foreword Alex Burrows for biting the finger of Patrice Bergeron during a scrum in Wednesday nights game. The play in question, which can be found in the picture above, occurred at the end of the 1st period behind the Boston net during game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Burrows tried to get a hold of Rich Peverley, when Patrice Bergeron came in to break them up. Burrows didn’t like that, and started jabbing at Bergeron’s face. So Bergeron stuffed his hand in Burrow’s face to stop the punches, and Burrows decided to take a bite of Bergeron’s finger. NHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Mike Murphy released this statement earlier on Thursday saying, “After reviewing the incident, including speaking with the on-ice officials, I can find no conclusive evidence that Alex Burrows intentionally bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron,”.

I have no idea what that guy was looking at. From the picture above you can clearly see Burrows take a chomp at Bergeron’s finger, and Bergeron even left the scrum bleeding a bit. It just blows my mind that the NHL isn’t going to do anything about this. It’s not even a questionable play, it’s clear as day. Burrows bit Bergeron, Bergeron came up bleeding, end of discussion. The NHL has made some crazy rulings in the last few years, and you can just add this one to the list.

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