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Bruins lose game 1 in battle of goaltenders

In a hard-fought game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the Boston Bruins lost 1-0. Boston played a very solid game all night, but Vancouver looked like the better team all night. Tim Thomas gave the Bruins an opportunity to win last night, stopping 33 of 34 shots. But it was not enough, as the Bruins just couldn’t put the puck in the back of the net. This came down to the Bruins have the will to fight, but they just didn’t have the talent to win. During the 2nd period, there was a play which Dan Hamhuis hip checked Lucic into the centerboards. During the play, he appeared to have hurt himself. He also received a whack to the head from David Kreci, which may have hurt him as well. Hamhuis left the game, and did not return. There was also a play in which Alex Burrows took a bite of Patrice Bergeron’s right forefinger. An extremely classless move, and just downright silly. Expect the league to take some action, and expect him to be out for game 2.

Thomas makes diving attempt at the Raffi Torres game winning goal.

Vancouver takes game 1 scoring the only goal of the night with 18.5 seconds remaining in the 3rd period.

1st Period

The game is on, and Tim Thomas made a great save on Daniel Sedin already. Sedin had a chance at the near post, but Thomas made a kick save. Roberto Luongo caught a break early, off a turnover by Kevin Bieksa. Kreci picked the puck up in the far circle, and passed across the slot for Lucic. He had his stick clamped down on, and could not get a shot off at the open net. As the Canucks sent the puck in deep to the Boston zone, Daniel Sedin hit Zdeno Chara with his stick up high, drawing some blood. That resulted in an automatic double minor for high sticking, and Boston was on the powerplay at 4:03. The Boston powerplay had some good chances. Chara was stationed right in front of Lunogo, and was creating plenty of problems. Boston was getting off point shots and jamming at the net. Alas, the penalty ended without a goal, and they were back to 5-on-5. The Canucks came up with a huge chance right after the penalty ended, as Sedin came out of the box the Canucks had a 4-on-2 up ice. Thomas made a great blocker save though to keep Vancouver off the board. The Canucks got the puck back in their own zone, and started back up ice. Chris Kelly tried to swat the puck away as it was dumped in, but he inadvertently hit a Canuck up high. So the Canucks were on the powerplay now at 8:47 for high sticking. Vancouver looked very good early, but the Canucks ended the powerplay when Alex Burrows grabbed Andrew Ference behind the Boston net. Burrows received a holding penalty at 10:18, and the played 4-on-4 for 28 seconds. The penalty ended, and the Bruins had 1:32 of powerplay remaining. But nothing would happen, as the Canucks were able to clear the puck consistently. The Bruins would get caught soon after the penalty ended, trying to make a change. Brad Marchand would grab a hold of a Canuck so the Bruins could make a clean change, and he got caught. Boston was on the powerplay at 13:25 for holding the stick. The Canucks had a very dangerous powerplay, as they were getting tons of pressure on Thomas. But the goaltender stood tall, and kept the Canucks off the board. Both teams had plenty of offense, but the goaltenders looked great early. The period would come to an end, but a scrum would ensue afterwards as some players ran into the Boston net and knocked it off its bearings. The big matchup was between Patrice Bergeron and Burrows. Burrows tried taking on Rich Peverley, who was already busy with another Canuck. Bergeron came in to separate them so it wouldn’t become a 2-on-1. Burrows didn’t like that, and started taking jabs at Bergeron’s face. It was classless, and Bergeron wasn’t having any of it. Bergeron started getting some of his own jabs in, before the refs broke them up. There would be penalties served to each player at 20:00. Bergeron received a roughing penalty, and Burrows received a roughing penalty, and an extra roughing served by Raffi Torres. When you watch the replays, you can see Burrows bite Bergeron during the scrum. Bergeron came up bleeding a bit from his right forefinger, but he was ok. Expect the league to take action against this clown, and I don’t expect to see him in game 2. Nonetheless, the period came to a close, still scoreless.

2nd Period

The 2nd period started with a powerplay for Boston, and then Vancouver would be called for another penalty. Kevin Beiksa would hit Chara up high behind the Vancouver net, resulting in a high sticking call just 28 seconds into the period. So the Canucks had to kill off 1:32 of a 5-on-3. The Bruins had a great chance by Mark Recchi at the far post, off a pass from Kreci in the near slot. Recchi took a shot, but appeared to hit the post. The Bruins wouldn’t get anymore good scoring chances, and the penalty ended. Boston had 23 seconds left on the 2nd penalty. But the Bruins couldn’t even get the puck into the Vancouver zone, and the penalty ended. Lucic was heading up the far boards with the puck, attempting to get into the attacking zone. Hamhuis sent Lucic flipping into the air, after he hip checked him into the center boards. Kreci would come over and give Hamhuis a whack to the head, and that would result in a cross-checking penalty at 4:00. There was a small scrum that ensued, but no other penalties were issued. Hamhuis went into the Vancouver dressing room after the play, and did not return to the game. The Boston pk was terrific though, denying the Canucks so much as a shot on goal. The penalty ended with ease, and they were back to 5-on-5. Boston would go back on the pk, after Dennis Seidenberg stepped up on Ryan Kessler to make a hit entering the Boston zone. Seidenberg would be called for kneeing at 9:28. As the puck was touched up by Boston, there was a small scrum at the Boston endboards. Raffi Torres took a shot to the face of Kelly, but nothing was called for that. As Daniel Sedin tried to take the puck up center ice, Rich Peverley came over to challenge him. Peverley was battling down center ice, and stole it away from Sedin. He now had a breakaway chance, but the play would be blown dead. Peverley was called for hooking at 9:54, so the Bruins now had a 5-on-3 to kill. The Canucks would cancel their powerplay right away, as Burrows took out Thomas with his left leg following a point shot. Burrows went to the box for tripping at 10:02, so they skated 4-on-3 for 1:27. The penalty ended without any good scoring chances, and they now skated 4-on-4 for 33 seconds. Boston would take advantage of the 4-on-4. Campbell came sprinting up ice, and stole the puck away from a Canuck. He skated into the near slot, and centered a pass for Bergeron in the crease. But Luongo made a terrific left pad save to keep the game scoreless. The 4-on-4 ended, and the Bruins had 8 seconds of powerplay now. Nothing happened, and they were finally back to 5-on-5. LaPierre came back with a chance of his own for Vancouver, as he tried a wraparound at the far post. But Thomas made a great move with his right leg, and covered up all the space on the ice to make the save. The offenses looked great, but these goaltenders looked much better in net. After a face-off win at the Vancouver attacking zone circle, Boston turned the puck right over to the Canucks. Hansen took the puck, and went behind the Vancouver net. He lost control of the puck as Bergeron pressured him, and as he turned to get the puck back he stepped on the stick of Bergeron. So Bergeron was sent to the box for tripping at 17:50, and the Bruins had a very important powerplay to kill off late in the period. The Canucks powerplay looked very strong again, but the Boston pk was a little better. Boston killed off the penalty, and the period came to an end. The game was now scoreless after 2 periods of play. Sounds like another game I watched last week.

3rd Period

The 3rd period started with a huge chance for Vancouver early. The Canucks came up ice 2-on-2, with Daniel Sedin trailing. He had the puck passed back to him, and he took a shot from the high slot. It was tipped in front by Burrows, who was left all alone in the slot. Thomas stayed tall, and made the chest save. Boston just missed a chance of their own coming up ice, when Ference skated through the far circle. He passed across ice to Lucic, and his pass popped up into the air, and bounced off the top of the net into the crease. But Lucic could not jam the puck in, and the game remained scoreless. Quick ups by both offenses, but these goaltenders looked too good. Vancouver had a huge chance off a Boston change, and it provided a breakaway chance for Jannik Hansen. Boston tried clearing the puck out of their own zone, and Kaberle went for a change. The puck was picked off by Vancouver though at center ice, and was passed to Hansen at the point. Thomas made a spectacular save 5-hole, and he covered up the puck with his glove as he fell backwards into the net. We were now midway through the 3rd period, and it was still scoreless. Andrew Ference tried making another change for Boston, but the puck was turned over at center ice. The Canucks now had a 2-on-1 up ice, and LaPierre had a chance off a centering pass in the slot. But Thomas made another spectacular save 5-hole, and he covered the puck up. The Canucks offense was controlling the puck, and just missed the 1st goal of the game off a post hit. Boston had nothing going on offense, and could not get the puck out of the neutral zone. We approached 2 minutes to play now without a goal. 1 minute remaining in the period, and still scoreless. But finally the Vancouver Canucks broke through. Johnny Boychuk stepped up at the Boston blue line to make a play, but Ryan Kessler knocked the puck away. He picked up the puck, and passed across ice to Hansen. Hansen skated into the far circle. Thomas came out to attack Hansen, and Hansen passed to the slot to Raffi Torres. He knocked the puck into the net, despite Thomas’s diving efforts. Vancouver was up 1-0 19:41 into the game, and the game ended that way. The Vancouver Canucks took game 1 of the Stanley Cup Championship.

Post-Game Breakdown

A tough game for Boston to lose, but Vancouver was clearly was the better team. The Canucks played much better in every way. Their offense was faster than the Bruins defense, their defense was able to control the puck more as the game went on, and Luongo was obviously perfect in net. Tim Thomas was equally as good, and it was very sad to watch that goal go in with just 18.5 seconds remaining in the game. But the Bruins have to feel encouraged after their performance in tonight’s game. The offense had plenty of scoring chances, and should have put 1 of those pucks in the net. Especially since the Bruins had a 5-on-3 chance. But that’s a different discussion for later. The Bruins defense was solid all night, save for the 2 line change mistakes they made. I felt very confident in the defense all night. The Boston powerplay did miss on some key chances, but they were able to set up some good scoring chances. Still, they were 0-6 on the night. I feel that they will break through sometime soon, if not next game. The pk for Boston was stellar, killing off all 7 of the Canucks penalties. It’s not often that Vancouver goes 0-7 on the powerplay, so the Bruins will need to get their discipline back for game 2. It was the 3rd period that killed the Bruins.

In the 3rd, the Canucks really took advantage of this game. Vancouver outshot Boston 14-10 in the 3rd, and controlled the puck for most of the period. The entire 2nd half of the period was completely dominated by the Vancouver offense. Boston could not move the puck into the attacking zone, and the Canucks really started to build momentum at that time. Bostons only chance to win this game was to make it to overtime, and even still I wasn’t that sure about their chances. The Canucks were playing so well in the 3rd, I don’t know if Thomas could have kept Boston in it for much longer. But, one never knows what would have happened during the intermission. Heading into game 2, I feel very confident about the Bruins chances. They played a terrific game, and Thomas was perfect. The goal he allowed was unstoppable. It would have taken just a little more luck to get the paddle save. So I feel confident that he will have a repeat performance in game 2. I’m a little nervous about the pk unit though. The Bruins have a great penalty kill, and looked great in game 1. But the Vancouver powerplay is too good for the Bruins to give them 7 more chances in game 2. They can not rely on them in game 2 as much as they did in game 1. So the Bruins will need to buckle down on defense, and stay out of the box. The powerplay needs to improve obviously. They looked good at times in the game, but they still were not able to put the puck in the net. They just need to get a goal scorer out there, and they don’t have one. The 1st line for Boston was great all night. The Bergeron line was very quiet, and has been since the Philly series. They need to start getting some production from that line to help their chances of winning. Seguin hasn’t been much of a factor either since game 2 in the Lightning series. But, that might just be because of teams now game-planing for him. If he has another huge game in this series, I think it will show just how much he really is affecting these games. Like I said earlier, I feel very confident heading into game 2 of this series. I think the Bruins will win game 2, in another low scoring affair. I expect another great game from Thomas, and I think Boston gets a couple bounces to go their way in game 2. Usually, when a goaltender has a shutout in one game, he has a bad next game because of how much energy he exhumed. I do expect to see something like that from Luongo, and I look for the Bruins to win 3-2 in game 2.

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