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End of an era for Celtics?

Doc Rivers watches his season fall apart

Coach Doc Rivers while Miami Heat eliminate his Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals

As the NBA Finals are about to commence between the Heat and Mavs, the Celtics head into an offseason with a ton of problems, and therefore questions. This loss has the potential to end an era in Boston. Pierce, KG, and Allen don’t have much left in the tank, and it showed in this series. Rondo could be facing surgery for torn ligaments in his left arm, and he doesn’t seem to be going along with the Celtics, since the Perk trade. This team also has no youth they can rely on. They don’t have a high draft pick, so there is no young gun that’s going to come along and save their sinking ship. The only thing that they got going for them is Doc Rivers. Just a year ago, Doc said he didn’t think he would come back. To everyone’s surprise, he said he would honor his contract. So this was thought to be his last year. But, during his press conference after game 5, Doc said that he was planing on coming back for next year. Rivers said, “I love the guys in that locker room. … I don’t think this team is done. … I’m a Celtic.” He signed a 5 year contract extension in mid May. Needless to say, I think he’s going to be around for a while. But do the Celtics even have anything left to give him? The Big 3 will be gone in 5 years I think. Rondo might be paving his way out. The only thing Celtics fans can hope for is that they somehow trade for Dwight Howard, or get him after his contract expires. And in the Celtics history, they have never made a big splash in free agency. Go back and look at all their free agent signings, none of them are noteworthy. The Celtics really don’t have anything positive to look at, so where do they go from here? Is this indeed the end of an era for the Celtics and the Big 3? I think the answer is quite obviously, yes.

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