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Bruins lose game 6, deciding game 7 on Friday

The Bruins dropped game 6 last night, 5-4. The Lightning have now forced the deciding game 7, which is to be played on Friday night at the TD Garden. This was a game that the Bruins let slip away. They played well in the 1st period, and early in the 2nd. But the Lightning held on, and eventually took a 2 goal lead in the 2nd. Boston made the game close, but made too many mistakes to come back from. Dwayne Roloson was in net for the Lightning last night. I was surprised by this move, sine Guy Boucher thought high enough of Mike Smith to play him in game 5. The truth is though, that neither goaltender has been great for Boucher. Smith had been good in relief of Roloson, but was not that great starting in game 5. Roloson had a good 1st game, but every game afterwards has been sketchy. Game 7 should be a good game, and hopefully the Bruins come out on top. So how did the Lightning force a game 7?

Lightning force game 7 after winning game 6

The Lightning celebrate 1 of their 5 goals in game 6, as they force the deciding game 7 in Boston on Friday night.

1st Period

The game is on, and the Lightning have scored. Off a face-off win in the Boston zone, Teddy Purcell snapped a shot off and into the Boston net. Tampa was up 1-0 just 36 seconds into the game. The formula for Tampa Bay was perfect. They had tons of energy, and were out-skating the Bruins early on. Boston started moving the puck into the attacking zone, but they wer unable to get any shots on net. The Lightning defense was playing very well. As Tampa was entering the Boston zone, Teddy Purcell dumped the puck in. The puck was picked up by Boychuk though, and he sent the puck up ice to Horton. Horton passed to the Tampa blue line to Lucic. Lucic skated into the high slot, and snapped a shot off and into the back of the net. Boston had tied the game at 1, 7:09 into the game. Tampa would than go on the penalty kill, after Malone tripped Bergeron at 7:36. A very important powerplay for the Bruins, as they had a great chance to take the lead. It took a little bit of time, but the Bruins got the powerplay moving. Boston was passing the puck effectively, and had a couple good shots. Nothing would get through though, and the penalty ended with the game still tied at 1. Tampa would ice the puck as the penalty ended, so Guy Boucher called his timeout to get his players some rest. The Bruins were taking the momentum of the game, and the offense was starting to dominate. Tampa would go back on the penalty kill after Eric Brewer knocked at Lucic’s skates, and tripped him down at 13:17. The powerplay looked good early, and Chara just missed a chance to give Boston the lead after he picked up a wide point shot. The puck bounced off the boards, and came right to Chara at the far slot. He jammed the puck at Roloson’s legs, but he closed up the 5-hole to keep the puck out. The penalty ended without a goal, and the game remained 1-1. But Boston kept the attack on, and would capitalize on a Tampa turnover. Paille took the puck away from Stamkos at the centerboards. He took the puck down the boards into the attacking zone. He made a spin around pass to Kreci in the high slot, and Kreci got a wrist shot off that went into the back of the net. Boston had taken the lead 2-1 at 16:30. Boston was controlling this game. Tampa had in fact gone 12:21 without a shot on net. The period would come to an end, and Boston would exit with a very important 2-1 lead.

2nd Period

The 2nd period started with a great chance for Tampa, off another face-off in the Boston zone. Bergeron won the puck back, but Boychuk turned the puck over. Tampa had a great chance in the slot now, but Thomas went on his belly to make the save. The puck came out to Stamkos, who had a wide open net to shoot at. But he shot the puck far too high, and Tampa stayed off the board. The Lighting would then go back on the penalty kill. Headman would inadvertently hit Seguin with his stick, resulting in a high sticking call at 1:52. The powerplay didn’t look as good as it had earlier, and the Bruins stayed off the board. Tampa came back with a few quick chances, but the Bruins took control of the puck right back. Tampa had taken the puck into the Boston zone, when Seidenberg would receive a cross-checking penalty at 7:39. Tampa Bay didn’t waste any time, as St. Louis would get a backhand off in the slot to score at 7:55. Tampa had tied the game at 2. Tampa Bay would go right on the penalty kill afterwards, as Eric Brewer interfered with Lucic at 8:03. The powerplay looked awful this time around, doing way to much passing and not enough shooting. Boston would go on the penalty kill not long after, as Peverley was called for interference at 11:52. Tampa Bay would take advantage again on the powerplay, as Tim Thomas just missed a puck between his blocker and armpit. Purcell had scored his 2nd of the night off a one-timer in the near slot, and given the Lightning a 3-2 lead at 13:35. Both teams were now fighting back-and-forth. Off a point shot by Tampa, the puck would sit in the Boston crease. Dennis Seidenberg went to the ice to keep the puck from going in, and covered the puck up. The play would be blown dead, but a huge scrum ensued afterwards. It would result in Andrew Ference receiving a cross-checking penalty at 19:05. Tampa didn’t score, so the period would end with carryover time on the powerplay. Tampa Bay now lead 3-2 heading into the 3rd period.

3rd Period

The 3rd period would start with 1:06 left in the Ference penalty. And the Lightning would capitalize yet again, as Stamkos got a rocket of a one-timer off from the far slot. Thomas never even saw it. Tampa was now up 4-2 just 34 seconds into the 3rd. Boston came back with good pressure from the 3rd line, and the Bruins started to control the puck. But the Tampa Bay defense was suffocating any offense by Boston. As Boston was breaking out from their own zone, Tomas Kaberle would be called for interference at 6:58. The Lighting were back on the powerplay, which was already 3-3 on the night. Tampa had a few good chances early, but the Boston pk started to show up. Tampa would end their own powerplay, when Lecavalier would be called for hooking at 8:12. So they skated 4-on-4 for 46 seconds. The 4-on-4 ended without any shots, and the Bruins had 1:14 of powerplay time. And the Bruins would finally score on the powerplay, after Nathan Horton made a terrific feed to Kreci in the near slot. Kreci made a tip-in off the pass into the net, and the game was now 4-3 at 9:46. But Tampa would come right back with a 2-on-1 with St. Louis and Downie, after Johnny Boychuk was caught pinching in the Lightning zone. St. Louis passed to Downie, who carried to the near slot. Thomas came way out of his crease to make a stop, and Downie made a pass to St. Louis in the slot. St. Louis easily put the puck in the vacated net, and Tampa had increased the lead to 5-3 at 10:15. The Bruins kept on fighting though. Lucic had the puck at the near circle, and threw the puck on Roloson. He stopped the puck 5-hole, but the puck came back out. It was jammed in by Kreci, and appeared to have gone in off a Lightning skate. Kreci had notched a hat-trick, and Boston was back to within 1, as the game was 5-4 at 13:28. Then Boston had a huge surge of energy, controlling the puck in the attacking zone. Tampa Bay had nothing going, as the Bruins offense was dominating. Boston would empty the net with 1:20 to go, as desperation had set in. Claude Julien would call his timeout with 45.9 seconds left in the game. But it would all be for not, as the Bruins would lose game 6, 5-4.

Post-Game Breakdown

This was a terrible game for the Bruins, and a very disappointing loss. Boston lost this game because of self-inflicted wounds. Tampa did not have an awfully spectacular game, they just capitalized on their chances. The fact that the Bruins only lost by 1 goal says a lot about the game. Tampa started with another quick goal, but the Bruins remained calm in their approach. Boston eventually took control of the 1st period, scoring 2 goals. The Bruins had dominated the 2nd half of the 1st period, and it looked like Boston was going to come away with an easy win. But things fell apart in the 2nd period. That’s when the Tampa powerplay got on the ice, and they destroyed the Bruins pk. Tampa scored 2 powerplay goals to take a 3-2 lead in the 2nd, and then scored an early 3rd period powerplay goal to take a 2 goal lead. Boston looked down and out, and I was just hoping that Tampa wouldn’t score anymore. Much to my surprise though, the Bruins would score off a powerplay to make the game 4-3. But Johnny Boychuk would be caught pinching in the Lightning zone seconds later, and the Lightning scored off an odd man rush. That was just the icing on the cake. The Bruins had played a good game, but the mistakes that they made had cost them 1 to many times. David Kreci would score his 3rd goal of the night to bring Boston back to within 1 with over 7 minutes to play. I had hope again, and the Bruins offense had heated up. But it was not meant to be, as the Lighting came away with the win.

Boston lost this game because of their pk, and Tim Thomas. Thomas did not have a good game at all, stopping just 21 of 26 shots. Dwayne Roloson wasn’t any better, stopping 16 of 20 shots that he faced. If Tim Thomas plays like we’re used to seeing, then Boston easily comes out of Tampa with the win, and a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. The Boston pk, which had only allowed 2 goals before last nights game to Tampa, allowed 3 of 4 in game 6. The Bruins beat themselves up, and it was hard to watch at some points. The Bruins could have easily come away with a win in this game, and that is what is the most frustrating part. But it’s not like the Bruins haven’t done this to us before. The last time Boston was in Tampa, they blew a 3 goal lead in game 4, and lost 5-3. Now that lose was much worse than this one, but they are equally frustrating. Thankfully, Boston has 1 more game at home to clinch the series.

Game 7 should be a very good battle between both teams. I thought that the Bruins would win this series in 6 games, but hopefully I’m off by 1 game. The truth is, Boston should have already won this series. Boston has now blown 2 games in Tampa. If Boston had won game 4, then they would have clinched in game 5. And if the pk and Thomas has shown up, then Boston would have clinched last night. Boston is the better team, and has home ice advantage. The Bruins have been a terrible team at home the last 2 seasons, but they have looked better in the postseason. Boston is 6-2 at home this postseason, and is 5-3 on the road. Surprisingly enough, they have been a better home team this postseason. So I look for the Bruins to come out on top in game 7. I think that Tim Thomas will have a much better game, especially considering how competitive he is. He knows that it is his responsibility to keep those pucks out, and I fully expect him to stand on his head in game 7. The only thing that I’d be worried about is the Boston pk. Tampa Bay has a great powerplay, and part of the reason that Boston had been doing so well, is because of their ability to deny the Lightning any powerplay goals. If the Bruins can stay out of the penalty box, and their penalty killers play better, than I would have nothing to fear in game 7. I expect a low scoring game, with a maximum of 3 goals. I look for the Boston Bruins to win game 7 at home, and punch their tickets to Vancouver for the Stanley Cup Finals.

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