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Celtics drop game 4 in OT, face daunting 3-1 hole

James tears up the Celtics for 35 in overtime win

1st Half

The game is on, and yes, Rondo is in the game. Rajon Rondo dislocated his left elbow in game 3, and also tore 2 ligaments in his arm. He’s wearing a brace to prevent any more damage, but he’s in the game. The game started with a Chris Bosh miss, and then Garnett getting fouled. He hit both free-throws, and Boston had the 1st points of the game. Rondo gets a transition lay-up. Reassuring the team and the crowd that he can play tonight. Boston went on a 7-0 run just 2 minutes into the game. The Heat come back, off a flagrant foul by Jermaine O’Neal on James. He hits the 1st free-throw, and Bosh scored a jumper off the 2nd miss. A 5 point swing for the Heat, and they tie the game up. Bosh looks real bad early. Just midway through the 1st quarter, Bosh is a mere 1-5 with 1 rebound. If he doesn’t play better, the Celtics could be looking at a game similar to game 3. And that would most likely result in a win. Miami has missed 5 straight shots, and the Celtics lead 18-11. Rondo makes a crazy behind the head pass to Garnett with his left hand, and Garnett picks up the foul. He hit 1 free-throw, and Boston takes a 8 point lead. But a big 3 hit by Chalmers, then a steal by Chalmers leads to an easy dunk for James. Rondo brought the ball up court, and Chalmers just runs him down, bumping him to the ground. He landed right on his left arm, but he’s back up. Such a classless move by Chalmers, intentionally taking out Rondo. James just runs over Rondo, knocking him square in the chest onto the court. James picked up his 1st foul, and the Heat are just showing a carelessness about attacking Rondo. Pierce made a very nice cut to get in-between the 3 Heat defenders, and hits a lay-up. That gives him 14 points already, leading all scorers. Boston takes a 31-28 lead into the 2nd quarter. The 2nd started with a Jermaine O’Neal bucket off a West feed. Then West stole a pass on the ensuing play, and hit a jumper. James followed that up with a 3, to keep the Heat in this game. Jeff Green hits his own 3, and Boston takes a 7 point lead. Delonte West was very hot in the 2nd, and Boston had the lead out to 11. Bosh finally comes through with a big bucket and 1. Miami had closed the lead to just 3, going on a 9-1 run. LeBron James gets a steal, and slams down a dunk. That would give the Heat their 1st lead of the game, up 46-45. Pierce hits a lay-up with just seconds remaining. Wade brings the ball up court for a long 3 attempt, but it did not fall. Boston took a 53-50 lead into the 3rd quarter. Boston has well outplayed the Heat. James was the only guy scoring for Miami in the 1st half, with 20 points. Wade came alive in the 2nd, scoring 10 of his 14 points. Bosh was invisible again, going 2-8 for just 5 points. Miami’s bench provided just 7 points. Pierce was the leading scorer for the Celtics, with 19 points. 4 other players had at least 5 points. Another team effort by the C’s, and a superstar show by the Heat. The Celtics should be able to pull this game out. They just have to keep up the teamwork, and make sure that LeBron is the only Heat player to hurt them.

2nd Half

The 3rd quarter started out with a jumper by Ray Allen, who’s been very quite in this game. That gives him just 6 points so far in the game. But, he then misses a wide open 3, and Miami came back with a floater from Wade to tie the game. Bosh followed that up with a tip-in, and Miami had their biggest lead of the night, up 59-57. Ray Allen came back with a dunk in the face of Bosh to tie the game. He gave some life to the Celtics faithful, but Bosh hit another jumper. Bosh was hot to start the 3rd, which is not good for the Celtics. Boston all around looks slow, and they were not hitting any shots. Miami went on a 10-2 run to take a 4 point lead in the 3rd. James has yet to score midway through the 3rd, but Wade has added 4 to his total, and Bosh has added 6. Allen hits a huge 3, and that ties the game at 65. Off a Biby 3-point miss, Garnett comes up with the rebound. He passed up to Big Baby Davis, how tried to make a dunk. Biby on the back pressure, gave him a bear-hug, and took down Davis. No flagrant foul though, as his was in the motion of shooting according to the officials, which took his lane away. Boston had the lead back 69-65, with 2 minutes left in the 3rd. The bench gave Boston some life, as they went on a 11-0 run. James scored his first 2 points of the 3rd, by driving in a lay-up with under 30 seconds left. Pierce just missed a 3 as the buzzer sounded, but the Celtics closed the 3rd on a 14-6 run. It was now 73-69 Boston, headed into the 4th and final quarter. The 4th started with an offensive foul by James. Boston followed that up with a bad lay-up by Davis, trying to avoid a shot-clock violation. Rondo gets into double-digits, hitting an uncontested lay-up to give Boston a 4 point lead. Boston missed back-to-back 3’s, and are now a miserable 3-9 from 3-point range. Midway through the 4th, Boston had just a 1 point lead. Miami had come back to take an 81-78 lead. West nailed a huge 3 though, and the game was now tied. And then a huge rebound by Garnett, and Allen hits a 3. The crowd came alive, and Boston had taken the lead back. LeBron hits his own 3 to tie the game, and he quieted the house. The game is under a minute to play, tied at 84. James hits a lay-up with 48 seconds left, and Miami goes up by 2. Pierce splits James and Bosh, and hits a tough lay-up to tie the game. LeBron had the ball entering the paint, and he just lost control of the ball. Ray Allen picked it up, and was immediately fouled by James Jones. Boston called the time-out with 19.5 seconds remaining. The game was tied at 86, so this would potentially be the last possession of the game. Rondo inbounded the ball to Allen. He dumped off to Pierce, who just held the ball. With under 3 seconds, he made a quick drive to the paint, and got off a fadeaway shot. But it hit the rim, and did not go in. Looked like a broken down play by the Celtics, and a very unfortunate result. So we headed to overtime, 86-86.


Garnett won the opening tip-off, but Rondo missed a pass in the paint. So Miami came back with a jumper by James. That gives him 35 on the night. Allen missed another 3-pointer, and Bosh came back with a dunk. Quickly, Miami had a 4 point lead in OT. West missed an open 3, but Wade just missed a lay-up. Pierce would run into James coming up-court, receiving a charging penalty. James had a 3 go in and out, but Boston turned the ball right back over. Wade drains a jumper, and Miami was now up by 6 points in overtime. Finally Boston got on the board, as Garnett hit 2 free-throws. Chalmers kicked the ball out-of-bounds, giving Boston a chance to get back into this game. But Garnett missed an easy basket over Wade, making him now 1-10 on the night. Garnett then picked up a foul as he denied Wade a dunk. He only hit 1 free-throw, and Pierce ran down the court and hit a tough lay-up. James hit the rim on a jumper, but Bosh got the tip-in. The game was now virtually over, as the Heat led 95-90 with under 30 seconds to play. Another miss by Boston, and Wade came up with the ball. He was fouled, but hit both free-throws. Then Delonte West just lost control of the ball, and Bosh would come up with the ball. He was fouled, hit 1 free-throw, and that would end the game. Miami had stolen game 4 in overtime, 98-90

Post-Game Breakdown

This was a tough one to swallow for Boston. They led virtually the entire game, and had the lead at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter. James took apart Boston, scoring 35, and getting 14 boards. Wade had 28, with 4 assists and 4 boards. What killed them was that Bosh started scoring. He ended the night with 20 points, and 12 rebounds. Through it all, the game fell right into Boston’s lap with 19.5 to play. James just lost control of the ball in the paint, and Allen picked it up. Boston called a time-out, came up with a play, and it stunk. Whatever play Doc had, was a bad one, or it was poorly executed. Pierce just held the ball for about 10 seconds, and then threw up a duck! The Celtics completely fell apart in overtime. Rondo missed a pass on the opening play, and Miami capitalized. Bosh made the biggest play of the night though, hitting the tip-in off the James miss. If he doesn’t make that play, Boston is only down by 3 bringing the ball up court. Although, nothing would make me think that they would hit a 3, as Allen was just 2-5 from 3-point range. Boston as a whole was 5-16 from beyond the yard.

Boston should have won this game, and they now face the daunting task of coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Not only that, but they must win 2 of the 3 possible remaining games in Miami. If there was anything I was sure of, it was that Boston would win the games at home. Now, I don’t see how they can come back and win this series. Miami should win game 5, and close out the Celtics. If not, then they will most likely do it in 7. I just don’t see the Celtics winning 2 games in Miami. This team looks old, tired, and unable to keep up with the Heat. The Heat will win this series, and it’s a shame, cause Boston had the chance to tie it right in Paul Pierce’s hands.

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