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Bruins dominate game 3, lead Flyers 3-0 for second year in a row

This was a beating. The Bruins destroyed the Flyers, 5-1 in game 3. Boston even scored on the powerplay, that’s how badly they beat the Flyers. A big piece was off the ice for the Flyers, as Pronger was out again for game 3. Jeff Carter was on the ice though for the first time since April 20. He appeared to have no impact on the game whatsoever. McQuaid was out, and is listed as day-to-day with a neck sprain. Shane Hnidy played in his place. Something that people need to consider, is how important David Kreci is to this team. Last year, Boston was up 3-0 on the Flyers when Kreci got knocked out by Mike Richards. They then went on to lose the next 4. In now 12 games against the Flyers, Kreci has 18 points, and the Bruins are 11-0-1. In fact, Boston has not lost a playoff game against Philly with Kreci in the lineup. This team will go as he goes. So how did we get back to a 3-0 lead?

Bruins take 3-0 lead against Flyers again

Bruins dominate game 3, take commanding 3-0 lead against Flyers

1st Period

The game is on, and Boston scored. Feels nice to say that doesn’t it? Well, the game was started by Bergeron taking the puck into the attacking zone. He passed to the slot to Marchand, looking for a tip-in. But Boucher made a great left to right pad save. Marchand went and got the puck behind the net. He passed to the high slot to Chara, and he hammered a shot above Boucher’s glove. Boston was up 1-0 just 30 seconds into the game. The Bruins came right back on the attack. It was another great shift by the 1st line. Kreci passed down the sideboards to Lucic. Lucic turned around and found Kreci right in the slot. Kreci snuck a quick shot off, and Boston had a 2-0 lead just 1:03 into the game. Boston was controlling the first 5 minutes of the game. Philadelphia had just 2 shots on net. Lucic would block a shot, and take the puck up ice. He went to the Philly corner boards, and passed the puck to Kreci. He got the puck to Seidenberg at the point. Lucic was skating by Boucher, who was well out of his crease. Lucic tried to avoid him, but got bumped into him by the Philly D. Boucher was now knocked out of position as Seidenberg got a shot off. The puck was knocked down, and Kreci and Horton were in the crease battling to get the puck in the net. But a whistle was blown, and a penalty was coming up. A bad call by the officials, calling Lucic for goaltender interference at 9:00. There was nothing he could do about it, he was knocked into Boucher! Anyways, the Boston pk was phenomenal, getting the puck out of their zone and banging bodies. Marchand had 2 great hits to energize the crowd. Philly was abused on the powerplay, and didn’t score. A good surge by the 1st line gave Boston control. Then, as Kreci went to the Boston bench for a change, Philly took the opportunity to again, try to get under his skin. Ville Leino was the culprit this time, as he jawed with Kreci, and the 2 came eye to eye. Nothing happened, as Kreci just wanted to get to the bench. But Leino made sure to follow him and continued to yell at him for a second. It was a very physical game to start, and made for some great TV. Lucic and Horton banged into a few bodies, keeping the Flyers on their heels. Pialle knocked out Versteeg on one hit. Philadelphia had a couple of chances on Thomas, but he has been great to start. He looked very fast, and had great lateral movement. With under 30 seconds left in the 1st, Bergeron got his stick in an awkward place, between a Flyers skates. He would be called for hooking at 19:44. The period would end, so Philly will have almost the full 2 minutes on the powerplay to start the 2nd. Boston dominated the 1st period. They out-hit the Flyers, and out-skated them. But, it’s always nervous to start a period on the pk.

2nd Period

The 2nd period started with 1:45 of powerplay time for the Flyers. Philly controlled the puck in the Boston zone, but was only able to get 1 shot on Thomas. Boston cleared the puck, and Mike Richards tried to bring the puck up ice. Chara stole it away, and had a breakaway. He just took a shot from the high slot, and it went right into the gut of Boucher.  The penalty ended with no goal for the Flyers. The 1st line of Boston was still destroying the Flyers. Chara had the puck at the point, and sent it around the boards. Lucic went behind the net to get the puck, but instead left it. The puck went around, and Horton had retrieved it in the corner. He picked up the puck, and got a bad angle shot off on Boucher. The puck hit his stick, and stayed out. Off a point shot, Boucher would freeze the puck. Horton was skating towards Boucher in case of a rebound. After the whistle, O’Donnell gave Horton a little poke around the groin. Horton didn’t like that, and gave him a shove. O’Donnell shoved back, and Horton had lost his footing a bit. Lucic came over to protect Horton, while he regained his footing. Horton grabbed O’Donnell, and they started fighting. O’Donnell started by getting in some shots on Horton’s head, before he got away from O’Donnell’s chest. Horton had a few jabs, before they fell to the ice. Both players would receive 5 for fighting at 3:31. Philly had the puck in the Boston zone. A shot was blocked by Thomas, and went over the net. van Riemsdyk went in to retrieve the puck, and checked a Bruin the boards. His stick rode up into the face. van Riemsdyk received a high-sticking, and Boston was on the powerplay at 7:05. Boston was ineffective, and went another powerplay without a goal. Kreci brought the puck up ice for the Bruins. He passed across ice to Horton, who passed to Ference driving to the slot. He was wide-open, and got a backhand shot off, but it went wide. Boston was all over the ice, and even though Philly was getting shots off, they weren’t very good chances. The Flyers were in the Boston zone, and Syvret tried to get a pass across ice. The puck was picked off, and sent up ice by Boychuck. Boston had a 3-on-2 up ice. Campbell and Thornton skated to the far circle, drawing both defenders. Campbell passed to the near circle to Paille, who had an open shot, and put it in the back of the net. Boston was up 3-0, 13:39 into the 2nd. Boston had another chance produced by the 1st line. Kreci brought the puck into the neutral zone, and took a hit to get it up to Horton. Horton was 1-on-1 with Timonen. Horton dragged the puck around Timonen through the high slot to the far circle. Boucher went to the butterfly, preparing for a shot attempt. He went to get back up when Horton didn’t shoot. Horton took that chance to get it through the 5-hole, and Boston was now up 4-0, 15:14 into the 2nd. And it was at that moment, that Boucher would be pulled for Sergie Bobrovsky. That marks 6 out of the 10 games a Flyer goalie has been pulled. Philly stayed resilient, and finally got on the board. They had a 3-on-2 up ice. Powe passed from the near circle to Meszaros in the far slot. Somehow, Mezsaros found space above the blocker, and scored. The game was 4-1, 16:26 into the 2nd. Boston followed that with another 3-on-2 of their own. However, Timonen hooked down a Bruin, and that would result in a penalty at 17:29. And the drought nearly ended, when Chara found Peverley in the near slot with a wide-open net. But Bobrovsky made an incredible left to right pad save, and then the puck hit the post. Then, Bergeron had a chance and hit the post. So, the Bruins are now 0-30 on the powerplay. This is just getting stupid. The period ended, and Boston was up 4-1. The Bruins played a little loose once they got the 4th goal. They had to tighten up to avoid a comeback. They should win this game no problem, and a loss would be tortures to my eyes and spirit.

3rd Period

The 3rd period started out with the Bruins controlling the tempo. They didn’t let Philly get any fast breaks out early. Hartnell tried mixing things up with Thornton, but he didn’t want any part of a useless fight, and the ref came in to separate them. 5 minutes were up, and it was exactly the kind of period the Bruins wanted. They were clogging up the neutral zone, getting pucks in on Bobrovsky, and keeping the puck away from Thomas. Philly had the puck for most of the period, maintaining it in the Boston zone. But the Bruins defense was poking the puck away, and taking away scoring chances. Midway through the 3rd, the Flyers had 3 shots on net, and Boston had 1. Boston was just playing very safe, conservative hockey. Their defense looked great, and Thomas had been sharp from the word go. Philly had one good rush chance, when a shot from the circle rebounded right to Hartnell in the near circle. Thomas was now out of position, but a great stick play by Paille kept Hartnell from getting a shot off. The puck was picked up by Richards, who got a shot off and scored. But, before the shot, Hartnell got turned around, and went sliding into the post and took the goal off its bearing. The goal was disallowed, and the game remained 4-1. The Flyers finally seemed to feel a sense of urgency, with just 5 minutes remaning in the game. The offense was taking every shot they could get at Thomas, but he was stopping them all. The Flyers decided to empty the net 18:00 into the game, with a face-off in the Bruins zone. The Flyers won the face-off, but Recchi picked off the puck, and brought it up ice. Boston now had a 3-on-2 up ice. He tried to get the puck to Bergeron, but Bergeron was hooked down by Richards, and could not receive the pass. It would not be a free goal though, so Boston was on the powerplay. Just into 8 seconds into the penalty, Marchand would be cross-checked by Coburn. It was now 5-on-3 for 1:52. And finally, the Bruins had scored on the powerplay! Chara passed to Seidenberg at the point. He passed to Kreci next to the net. He passed to Chara in the high slot, and he fired a bullet into the back of the net at 18:38. The seconds ticked down, and the Bruins won game 3, 5-1, and took a 3-0 lead again against the Flyers

Post-Game Breakdown

The Bruins flat-out dominated this game. It wasn’t even close. The Flyers were lucky not to be shut-out. It took an amazing goal by Meszaros to give the Flyers their only goal of the night. The Bruins scored early, twice. They then played great defensive hockey, and Thomas was very sharp all night. The 1st line has been amazing in this series. Kreci ended the night with a goal and 2 assist, Horton had a Gordie Howe hat-trick, and Lucic had an assist. Chara was amazing in the game as well. He ended the night with 2 goals, an assist, and was at +4. He actually ended up being on the ice for all 5 of the Bruins goals. This was exactly the type of game the Bruins wanted to, and in fact need to play every night. This was their best game of the postseason. For the Flyers meanwhile, it was a train wreck of a game.

The Flyers played awful all night. They were not physical at all. The Bruins were faster, and much more physical all night. The defense allowed 2 goals in the first 1:03 of the game. Boucher was not at fault for those goals. You can argue that he should have had the other 2, but the Flyers were already out of it. Philadelphia just was not ready to play tonight. There was no way they were coming back once the Bruins scored 2 in 1:03. The offense looked terrible, the defense was full of holes, and Boucher was 50-50 when he was in net. Bobrovsky only faced 8 shots in nearly 25 minutes of ice time. Philadelphia looked flat all night, and had no urgency in their play. The Bruins are now up 3-0 for the second year in a row on the Flyers. But will this year be different?

Yes, it will. The Bruins have proved, to me at least, that they are different this year. They came back from down 0-2 to Montreal, and won in 7. They now have the 1st line clicking, and look unstoppable against this Flyers team. I said that the Bruins would win in 6, but they may even sweep this series. I thought the Flyers would win game 2 after that game 1 drumming. They didn’t. I thought the Flyers would win game 3 after a heartbreaking letdown in game 2. They didn’t. I think the Flyers will come out much stronger in game 4. I think that they will be flying on the ice, and hitting everything in sight. But will they? Well, if Philly come out and plays in game 4 like they did tonight, then the Bruins will sweep the Flyers.

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