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Celtics drop game 2, down 0-2 in Heat series

picture courtesy of espn.com

LeBron plays keep-away with the ball in game 2

1st Half

The game started with the crowd singing the national anthem as one. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The game was slow to start again. Both teams weren’t hitting a lot of shots. Boston had built a 9-4 lead. Biby hit a 3 for the Heat, to give them 7 points. Pierce followed that up with a 3 of his own. Boston had a 12-7 lead midway through the 1st. But the Heat battled back to tie the game at 12. Off a Heat free-throw attempt, Pierce would step awkwardly and roll his ankle. He would leave the game. LeBron missed back-to-back shots, and then Chris Bosh was called for goaltending on Boston’s following possession. That gave the Celtics a free 3 from Jeff Green. Garnett was giving the Celtics  lift, going 2-5 with 4 rebounds, 9 minutes into the 1st quarter. Both teams found another gear, and the buckets started falling. Biby hit a long 3 as the shot clock was winding down. Miami had a 24-21 lead with 1:30 to play in the 1st quarter. Miami went into the 2nd quarter with a 27-26 lead. Jeff Green was huge in place of the injured Pierce. Miami started the 2nd quarter with a 3 from Miller. Boston came back with a miss by Big Baby Davis. It was kind of pathetic to watch that shot. Miami missed a lay-up shot though, and then Delonte West hit a 3. Pierce was back in the game at the 7:30 mark. His left ankle was tapped up, but he was playing at least. Rondo was setting up the offense, when LeBron took a swipe at the ball. Instead, he hit Rondo on the head, and picked up his first personal on the night. Ray Allen knocked down a 3, to give Boston a 36-34 lead just passed the midway mark. Miami would go over 5 minutes without a basket, before James made a lay-up. But the Heat offense would get hot. The Celtics would then go 5 minutes without a basket, being 0-7 in that stretch. Rondo finally broke through with a floater, to get the Celtics to within. After a Dwayne Wade lay-up, Rondo would take the ball up court. The 2nd quarter was about to end, so he tried to get a shot off. He bumped into James Jones, and flopped up a shot from mid-court range. The refs determined that Jones had fouled Rondo, but he would not be awarded 3 free-throws. Instead, he would be awarded 2 free throws for the Heat maxing out on fouls. He hit both, and Boston went into the 2nd half down 47-42. Boston only had 3 points from their starters in the 2nd quarter, and that was a 3 by Ray Allen. Jeff Green was leading all Boston scorers with 10 points.

2nd Half

The Heat came out strong to start the 3rd, stretching their lead out to 8. The ever resilient Celtics though closed the gap to 3, midway through the 3rd. Kevin Garnett was able to hit his first basket since the 1st quarter. Rondo was getting hot, and started feeding to Garnett. He hit 4 shots in a row.   LeBron came back, by hitting 2 consecutive 3’s. Miami would go on an 11-5 run to close out the 3rd. The Celtics ended the 3rd down 72-67. Rondo went out early with an apparent back injury. A huge loss for the Celtics. Big Baby Davis started playing very aggressive, getting points on the board. Boston had closed the lead to 74-73 early. The Celtics bench was outscoring the Heat 25-7 early in the 4th. Midway through the 4th, Chalmers hit a 3, and gave the Heat an 83-80 lead. On the ensuing possession, he would go down at mid-court, and started writhing in pain. It appeared that a falling Big Baby Davis would land on Chalmers ankle, and he turned it funny. However, he would be back out on the court after the injury timeout. The Heat would go on a 14-0 run, now with under 5 minutes to play. The game appeared to be over for the Celtics. Finally Garnett got a bucket, and the game was 94-82. Boston would go on a 11-6 run as the 30 second mark approached. Boston couldn’t muster any offense though, and was forced to foul Wade as he came up with a rebound. He would hit both, and the Heat would leave game 2 with a win, 102-91.

Post-Game Breakdown

This is a game the Celtics should have won, and let slip by. The bench was great, outscoring the Heat bench 27-12. The Heat’s big 3 scored 80 points, with LeBron leading the way with 35. The turnovers were almost even, 12 for Boston and 10 for the Heat. Boston out-rebounded the Heat 11-7. This came down to the last 5 minutes in the 4th quarter. Boston had tied this game at 80, when the Heat went on a 14-0 run. That is what killed the Celtics. The defense could not keep them in the game. Everything they did was not working. And the few chances that the C’s had, they couldn’t score to end the run. It was a rough 5 minutes to watch. Boston needs to play a similar game in game 3, but they need to close it out. And that could be a very frightening thing to say. The Heat, not the Celtics, closed this game out. I still feel confident going into game 3 for the Celtics. The Heat do not play well in the Garden, and the Celtics should own them. If the Celtics lose game 3, then it will say a lot about these losses in Miami. If they win game 3, and then game 4 to even the series, then there is nothing to worry about.

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