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Bruins lose game 6. Game 7 tomorrow night in Boston

Game 6 is in the books, and one thing is certain. This series will be over tomorrow night. Montreal won game 6 at the Bell Center 2-1. Tim Thomas was 4-0 in his last 4 games at the Bell Center. Carey Price meanwhile hadn’t won a playoff game in the Bell Center since 2008. Thomas was great tonight. Both goals came on a 5-on-3 Montreal advantage. Price certainly played great, and probably should have had a shutout. The goal he allowed to Seidenberg was soft. I don’t know how he snuck it in while Price was holding the post. I’d be scared that Price will have confidence going into tomorrow nights game. Now then, on to the game!

Bruins vs. Canadians Game 6

1st Period

The game started with Boston trying to take a play out of Montreal’s play book. Just past the minute mark, Nathan Horton had the puck in the far circle, and made a pass to Kreci in the slot. The puck was a little bit behind him, and it got in on his skates. He tried to get a shot off, but couldn’t get the puck. He was forced to go behind the net, but nothing surfaced. No quick goal for Boston tonight. Montreal didn’t have anything going, so Eller took a nice dive just past the 2 minute mark. McQuaid had Eller pinned against the boards trying to get the puck. McQuaid gave him a shove maybe 6 inches into the board, and Eller dropped as if he was dead. Seriously, he looked like he was paralyzed. He fell to the ice like dead weight, and then he kept his right arm out straight, and started twisting it. He seemed to imply that he hurt his arm. He gingerly got back up, and skated to the bench. The refs didn’t call it, and on they played. Boston moved the puck up ice. Marchand brought the puck into the slot, and had the puck poked away. It came right to Bergeron in the center of the slot. Gomez hooked Bergeron’s hands, and he was unable to get a shot off. Probably should have been a hooking call, but they played on and Montreal picked the puck up. Gionta brought the puck up ice, and got a shot on net. The puck hit Thomas, and he thought he was covering it up. However, the puck bounced away from Thomas, and Gionta picked the puck up and put it in the back of the net. However, Boston received a quick whistle, as the referee thought Thomas had indeed covered up the puck. The goal was disallowed, and Boston had caught a huge break early. Montreal had no offense going 5:00 minutes into the game, but Boston didn’t look so great either. The B’s were controlling the puck, but not getting any shots on net. This game had a different feel then the other 5. It was very slow to start, with not a lot of offense. The Canadians brought the puck into Boston’s zone. The puck was pinned against the boards behind Thomas, and picked up by Gionta. He tried to get a quick wraparound on the near post, but Thomas scooted over to just hold the post. Off the ensuing face-off, Boston dumped the puck in the attacking zone. For some reason, Adam MqCuaid decided to come off the bench, and he received a too many men call at 8:54. Then, right after the face-off was won by the Habs, Seidenberg snapped the stick of Kostitsyn. He would receive a slashing call at 8:58. It was now a 5-on-3 for 1:56. Montreal took their time on the powerplay. They kept passing the puck around, until they found a good shot. That would be Cammalleri, who got a one-timer off from the far circle, and buried it in the net. Montreal was now up 1-0 at 10:07. Montreal still had a man advantage for 50 seconds, but nothing came of it. The Boston p.k. looked good to start, despite the 5-on-3 goal. Boston seemed to come to life after giving up that goal. They started pressuring the puck in the Montreal zone, and getting some good shots off. Recchi got a bad angle shot on net. The puck was blocked, and came free into the slot. Montreal clamped down on the puck, and didn’t allow any second chance shots. Ference got a shot off from the point that Price stopped. Again, the rebound came out to the slot, and again, the Montreal defense clamped down on the Boston players. In the last 30 seconds of the 1st, Ryder had a puck explode off his stick, and it came right to Hal Gill in the Boston zone. He rushed back to Gill, and poked the puck away. Ryder brought it up ice, and he was tripped up and went to one knee at the Montreal red line by Kostitsyn. Boston was on the powerplay at 19:39, and what a huge time for their man advantage to come alive. But just 13 seconds into the penalty, Bergeron gets a bad call for goaltender interference. Watching the replay, you can see Bergeron jump away from Price as he skates by him, and he makes contact with his glove. Price then proceeds to fall to the ice, off of his glove being touched. Really? It is so frustrating to watch the Canadians flop about sometimes. The 1st period came to an end, and Montreal had a 1-0 lead.

2nd period

The 2nd period started with 1:40 of 4-on-4. Boston controlled the puck in the attacking zone. Off a point shot, the puck tumbled behind Price. Seidenberg who was screening Price, went behind the net to pick the puck up. He wrapped a shot around the net, and in. Boston had tied the game just :48 seconds into the 2nd. Montreal had a brief powerplay, but Boston clogged up the neutral zone for most of it. The penalty ended without any harm done. Marchand took the puck into the Montreal zone, and passed across ice to Recchi at the near circle. He skated up, and passed back to Bergeron in the high slot. He got a one-timer off, but Price made a spectacular glove save. Montreal was brining the puck up ice, when Spacek dumped the puck in from the centerboards. Lucic came in, and laid a good hit into him. Spacek hit the boards face first, and came up bleeding. Lucic would receive a 5 minute major for boarding, and a game misconduct at 4:37. First off, Lucic did deserve the 5 minute major because the guy came up bleeding. It was not an illegal hit in any way. Spacek just turned his head at a bad angle, so that when he was hit, his head met the boards. Secondly, throwing him out of the came was madness! It was not an illegal hit, and Lucic did nothing wrong! I guarantee you the only reason they threw him out of the game, is because the refs were afraid that those loony Canadian fans would call 9-1-1 again, and start a riot. Montreal won the ensuing face-off, and Gionta had a quick chance in the slot off a one-timer, but his shot went high. Bergeron tried to clear the puck out of the zone, and it went over the glass. He received a delay of game at 4:53, and Montreal now had a 5-on-3 for the full 2 minutes. Montreal again took their time to let plays develop. And at 5:48, Brian Gionta scored in the crease off a rebound opportunity. Boston still had over 3 minutes to kill off in Lucic’s major penalty. The Boston pk looked very good. Montreal was not able to cash in during the 5-on-4. Just after the penalty ended, Montreal would get called for interference on Roman Hamerlik at 10:23. Not to worry though, as the Boston powerplay remained ineffective. About a minute after the penalty had ended, Boston went back on the powerplay on a too many men call against Montreal at 13:49. Again, another 2 minutes that Montreal didn’t have to worry about the Bruins scoring. Boston dumped the puck into the Montreal zone, and Carey Price went behind the net to play it. Marchand came from behind the net to take the puck away from Price, and Price now had to hurry to get back to his goal. He was able to hold the post, and then he hit the ice to take away the goal-line. Marchand didn’t get a clean break at the puck though, because he was hooked by Spacek. So, at 16:26, Boston was back on the man advantage. Boston held the puck in the Montreal zone, trying to set up at the points. Chara received a pass in at his skates. While he was looking for the puck, he was checked into the boards. He hit the ice in an effort to milk a call from the officials. Yea, like anything could take down that giant. So, the Canadians now had a chance up ice. The puck was passed down to the corner, and back to the point. It hopped over a Canadians stick, and they tried regroup. Nathan Horton would steal the puck, and he now had a breakaway chance against Price. The play was blown dead though, and Horton was called for a slash at 16:48. The Bruins were back to 4-on-4 hockey, which seemed like a better option than being on the powerplay. Montreal controlled the puck in the Bruins defensive zone, and Cammalleri tried a wraparound attempt. The puck was blocked by Kaberle. He passed the puck up to Kreci, who brought it into the Montreal zone. He was checked off the puck at the near boards, and Kaberle picked the puck up. He passed across ice to Chara, who came right into the slot. He dangled the puck away from Price, and passed it underneath the diving Price to Marchand. Marchand shot the puck into the side of the post/net, and Boston was kept off the board. That would all but end the 4-on-4, and now Montreal had another brief powerplay. Boston kept the puck in Montreal’s zone, and the penalty ended. The 2nd period came to a close, and Montreal had a 2-1 lead.

3rd Period

30 seconds into the period, Boston rushed into the offensive zone. Boston got a shot off from the near circle. Bergeron had a huge rebound attempt, but Price made a spectacular right-to-left move to make the save. Boston had a good tempo early, and were getting shots on Price. Marchand went towards the crease off a point shot that Price saved, and Subban felt that was enough to give him a good shove. After pushing him a but, Subban just calmly skated away. What a punk this guy is. He’s so talented, but is such a puky a-hole. Montreal had some pressure on Thomas, but they were mainly just dumping the puck in on every possession. It was very reminiscent of game 1. The Montreal defense was clamping down on everything, and not allowing the B’s to set up their offense. Boston started focusing their efforts on the point shot. Chara and Horton both had good chances, but Price made the saves. Off a point shot, Johnny Boychuck almost tipped the puck in from the slot, but it trickled wide. Montreal came up ice, and started to attack feverishly. Boston finally got the puck back, but there was just 7 minutes left in the 3rd now. Pialle got a good shot off from the high slot, but it went just wide. He followed his shot, and collected it in the corners. He threw the puck into the crease for Horton, but he had his stick clamped down on. Price saw the puck, and jumped on it for the whistle. Peverley brought the puck around the net, and tried a wraparound attempt. The puck bounced off Price into the crease, and Kelly tried jamming it in. The puck was cleared out, and Boston had to bring the puck back up ice. The puck was sent into the corner boards, and Kelly was called for a high-stick up on Spacek at 16:50. Boston would now be on the penalty kill for 2 minutes of the 3:01 left in the game. Boston did a good job not allowing Montreal any chances, and they created their own in effect. Chara knocked the puck to Kreci in the near corner. He passed long across ice to Peverley at the center line. Peverley skated through the high slot, and passed to Kreci in the crease. His shot was stopped by Price, and the puck now lay in the crease. 3 Bruins were jamming the net, but the puck never got through and the play was whistled dead. Montreal won the face-off, and P.K. Subban went to the back of the net. He seemed to just let the clock wind down. Boston tried to pull Thomas, but Montreal took control of the puck in the neutral zone. Finally, with about 45 seconds left, Thomas got to the bench. The Bruins had a chance with Recchi in the slot, but his stick was clamped down on by. The seconds ticked away, and Montreal had taken game 6, 2-1.

Post-Game Breakdown

This was a tough game to take as a Bruins fan. They played great hockey, and just a couple bad plays did them in. I don’t now what McQuaid was thinking, causing the too many men call. The Seidenberg slash was just unfortunate. If you break a guys stick, they will call it. The Bergeron goaltender interference call was just horrible. Although, it worked in the B’s favor, as it ended their powerplay. I do not want to see Boston with a man advantage ever tomorrow night. The Lucic misconduct was even worse. He didn’t do anything illegal, I don’t know how else to say it! 5 minutes for making the guy bleed, understandable. It was not a bad or dirty hit in any way though. Boston seemed to get an unfair share of penalties, committing 8 to Montreal’s 4. The league needs to work with these refs on penalty calling. Now, the Boston pk may have given up 2 goals, but they looked really good tonight. Both goals were scored during 5-on-3’s, and it’s very tough to keep a team from scoring on those chances. Especially when that team is the Montreal Canadians.

Tomorrow night will be interesting. Montreal will certainly be flopping about like they did tonight, but will they get the calls? Like I said earlier, I think Lucic was given a misconduct because the refs are afraid of the Montreal fans rioting in the arena. If that hit was in Boston, I don’t think the call is made. Boston played a good game, just those unfortunate 5-on-3’s killed them. If they can play more disciplined, and the refs aren’t calling those flops, the Bruins will have a good chance to win tomorrow night. Montreal didn’t do anything that they weren’t expected to do. They finished their game at home. Now, it’s the Bruins turn. Boston must finish this series out with a win tomorrow night, at home. If they do not, it will be the 3rd year in a row that Boston has lost a game 7 on home ice. And if that happens, changes have to be made. Claude may very well be looking at the “want ads” Thursday morning. I think the Bruins will win tomorrow night, but I’m not holding my breath. Remember everybody, this is the same team that blew a 3-0 lead last year to the Flyers. That includes a 3-0 lead, at home in game 7. They have a streak of losing in dramatic fashion. That I think, is what being a Boston fan is all about though.

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