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Judge rules that NFL must end lockout

The NFL players have a victory. Just mere hours ago, a Federal Judge rulled that the NFL had no right to lockout the players. This is a huge victory for the players, who are fighting for their lives basically. The average NFL career is 3 years, and NFL players get paid lower than they should. Well, at least as far as for the physical toll they put their bodies through compared to other sports. They are still overpaid, but not like some of these baseball or basketball players. Lets look at arguably the top 3 athletes in these sports. In 2010, A-Rod made $33 million, LeBron James made $14.41 million and Tom Brady made $26.5 million. And that’s not including all of the sponsorships the first two (specifically LeBron) have. Try to wrap your head around that! This is huge for the players, who all they want is to play football. The owners on the other hand are trying to add 2 more regular season games to increase an already substantial profit, institute a rookie salary cap (which I fully agree with though), want to pay the players less money, and want to take a surplus from T.V. revenue and keep it all for themselves. During mediation talks in March, the NFL did come down from its proposal of keeping 100% of the T.V. surplus. However, something went wrong, and it’s hard for me to blame the players for leaving the table.

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