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C’s cruise to game 3 victory. Lead series 3-0

There really wasn’t much to report on this game. Boston routed the Knicks in game 3, 113-96. The C’s offense was lead by Pierce, Allen, and Rondo, with the bench being ineffective. Meanwhile, the Knicks had Anthony on offense, and that was it. He was barely there once the 2nd half started. He scored just 5 points in the 2nd half. Stoudemire was active for the game, but very ineffective. He didn’t even reach double-digits in the game. Chauncey Billups remained inactive. Now, on to the game that was.

1st Half

This was not a good game for the Knicks from the get go. It began with a shot clock violation, and then Boston went down the court to record the first basket of the game. Paul Pierce started the game with 7 of Boston’s 9 points. Boston was able to jump out to a 22-5 lead with 4:11 left in the 1st quarter. The Knicks mounted a comeback, and went on a 15-5 run to end the 1st quarter. It was 27-20 heading into the 2nd. Boston didn’t start the 2nd quarter all that well. The bench provided little support. Boston’s once 17 point lead was now just 5. The Boston offense was again only provided by three guys, Pierce, Allen, and Rondo. It’s been the same story in the first two games. Luckily, the Knicks were playing awful. Stoudemire was ineffective, and Carmelo had 10 of the 33 Knick points with 5:25 left in the 2nd. He needed to be more effective though for the Knicks to win this game. Pierce had 17 to end the 2nd, and Ray Allen had 16. If the Knicks were going to win this game, they needed somebody to back up Carmelo’s play. With Billups out, and Stoudemire ineffective, it was not looking good heading in to the 2nd half down 52-44.

2nd Half

The Celtics started the 2nd half with a 3-pointer from Ray Allen, and then Paul Pierce. Quickly, Boston was out to an 11 point lead. Halfway through the 3rd quarter, Rondo scored his 9th point, to go along with 13 assists and 9 rebounds. This was the Celtics show from the get-go. KG summed up the night by slamming home a dunk off a crazy pass from Rondo. They went on a 12-2 run to start the 3rd, and their 11 point lead was now a 21 point lead. Ronny Turiaf scored at the 6:52 mark, and the Knicks went over 4 minutes without another bucket. The Celtics ended the 3rd quarter with a 86-63 lead. The Knicks started the 4th quarter well, going on a 7-0 run. But the C’s did not falter in this game. Ray Allen ended up hitting eight 3-pointers in the game. That was just 1 shy of a playoff record. Anthony ended with just 15 points after scoring 10 in the 1st half. New York looked terrible, and Boston won this game easily 113-96.

Post-Game Breakdown

This one was a laugher at MSG from the start, and Boston made sure to finish this game. I imagine that this is what game 2 would have looked like if they could have finished that game. Paul Pierce ended the night with 38 points on six 3’s, Ray Allen had 32 points on eight 3’s, and Rondo had a triple-double with 15 points 20 assists and 11 rebounds. Stoudemire had just 7 points in the game, and that about sums up how the Knicks played. Boston has weak interior presence, and with Amare in the game it felt like if the C’s were going to win it would not be such a rout. Heading into game 3, I felt that if Stoudemire was in the game the Knicks would win this game. They have controlled the inside in the first 2 games. Amare is obviously still feeling some pain in his back, and the once cool and calm Carmelo Anthony now looks very foolish. To score 42 points in game 2 and almost singlehandedly carry the Knicks to the victory, he was invisible when the going got tough Friday night. What a difference a game makes. I wonder if he’s worried now about the teams chances heading into game 4 down 3-0?

Boston still had no support from their bench. It’s getting to be a reoccurring theme, like the Bruins and their powerplay, or Crawford and his ineffectiveness. Doc has to fix it somehow, if the Celtics want to make a long playoff run. Eventually, their stars will have a bad night, and they will die when their bench doesn’t pick up the slack. As long as the Knicks give up again, Boston will easily win game 4 and advance to the Conference Semi Finals.

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