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Bruins take game 3, have slim hopes heading into game 4

The crowd was deafening from the start of this game. Montreal could feel a sweep coming, but Boston wasn’t gonna let that happen. The Bruins were able to squeak out a victory 4-2 on Monday. Before the game started, the PA announcer reminded all those Habs fans that they have more Americans on their team then the Bruins. I guess maybe they should stop booing the US National Anthem (which is never done in Boston to the Canadian Anthem). It just shows how horrible, disrespectful, and hypocritical those Canadian fans truly are. Enough of my ranting, on to the game!

1st Period

Just 1:08 into the game, Chara stepped onto the ice and received a too-many-men-on-the-ice penalty. Chara was expecting Ference to go to the bench, and it led to an early challenge for the B’s. Boston didn’t let a goal in, in the first minute, so they might as well take a penalty to even things out. The Habs almost capitalized early in the powerplay. They had multiple chances in the slot, and took lots of point shots. The B’s kept Montreal out of the net, and as the penalty expired Dennis Seidenberg sealed the puck in Montreal’s zone. He passed it down the boards to Bergeron, who found Kreci rushing up the ice and buried it in the high slot at 3:11. Boston had a 1-0 lead early in the game. The Bruins brought the puck back up ice, and Thornton threw the puck to the corner. The puck went around to Paille, who passed back to Thornton behind the net. He found Campbell in the slot 6:00 into the game. He shot it right into Price’s glove or pad, and then had a rebound that sat in the slot. The Habs cleared the puck, and Boston brought it back into the attacking zone. Horton then had a chance at 7:15 in the slot. He fanned on the initial, but got the second one off. Price made a great left pad save. Montreal tried to clear, but Boychuck found the puck. He shot from the point, and Boston was jamming at the net. The puck squirted out towards the sideboards. As the puck went up the boards Kreci would get called for hooking at 7:27 on Kostitsan. Early in the powerplay, Peverley had a takeaway, and almost had a shorthanded bid. He had to take the puck behind the net, and the B’s couldn’t develop anything. On the counter-attack, Wisnewski took an inadvertent stick to the mouth from Chara. The Bruins had a 2-on-1 chance up ice, but the refs blew it dead as Wisnewski lay on all fours on the ice. Once the whistle was blown, he stood right up and skated to the bench. The Bruins PK looked very good, and Thomas looked great to start. Around 10:50 Kostitsan skated right into the slot, but Thomas stuffed him. At 11:10, Thomas played a puck behind his net. Karble got the puck, and passed just ahead of Kelly. He raced to the puck, and poked it past a pinching Canadian. The Bruins now had a 3-on-1 up ice. Peverley took the shot, but it went wide. Scott Gomez decided to take out Kelly, who went face-first into the post.. Peverley approached him on the hit, and then Gomez grabbed his head! It was absolutely crazy, and Gomez went to the box at 11:21 for interference. :50 into the penalty, a flopping Desharnais gets Bergeron called for interference. I’ve watched this play over and over, and have no idea where this penalty is supposed to be! 4-on-4 hockey now. Hamerlik had a chance in the crease with the puck in the air, but the puck was found by Chara. He cleared the puck, and on they played. As time expired, Montreal now had 45 seconds on the powerplay. Boston controlled the puck for most of the penalty, and despite a last-minute attempt by Gionta, Boston survived. Boston set-up in the offensive zone. Chara got a point shot off that went wide. The puck hit the boards, and came to a speeding Horton. He turned, and banked the puck in the net off of Price at 14:38. Boston suddenly had a 2-0 lead. Both of these goals coming in the vulnerable minute for Montreal. Montreal quickly attacked, and Thomas made a terrific save off a tip by Pyatt. Boston took the puck back into the offensive zone, and held it there for most of the rest of the 1st period. With under 10 seconds to play, Montreal dumped the puck into the Boston zone. Boychuck chased after it, and took a hit from White. After White’s check, Pouliot came flying in and left his feet in an attempt to hit Boychuck up high. It was absolutely despicable, and a much worse hit than the Chara-Pacioretty one (except no one got hurt). Andrew Ferrence didn’t like it as well, and went right after Pouliot. They exchanged in a good bout, with Ferrence eventually getting the takedown. Pouliot got called for an extra charging at 19:57 Boston would exit the 1st, with a surprising 2-0 lead.

2nd Period

The Bruins began the 2nd on the powerplay. But again, it was ineffective. They were now 0-2 without a shot on net. Just as the penalty expired, Price tried to clear the puck from the trapezoid. The puck hit Recchi though, and Peverley picked up the puck and easily put it in the net at 2:02.  Boston was now up 3-0. Montreal was a bit taken aback by the goal, and at 3:04, the were called for too many men. Again, Boson’s powerplay looked pathetic. Montreal got the puck after Kostitsan tripped Horton with his skate. It was picked up by Gil, who passed to Subban. Lucic poked it away, and had a breakaway chance. But Price stuffed him 5-hole. Montreal took the puck back up ice, and Kostitsan made a great deke against Chara, and put the puck through Thomas’s legs for the goal. It was now 3-1 Boston, 7:03 into the 2nd. Boston brought a good counter-attack, and at 8:00, Ryder had a chance on a puck in the air in the crease. Price was able to find it, after Ryder took a stick to the face. Montreal was getting tons of pressure on Boston midway through the second. They really surged after their goal, putting a ton of pucks on Thomas. Off a face-off win in their own zone, the puck slid towards the Boston zone and Gionta had a great shot on Thomas. He made the save, and Darche was checked behind the net. He went down as if shot, and stayed down. When the play was whistled dead, he started yapping at the refs. But, the game continued. The B’s were able to get a good surge on Montreal, and around 12:45 Lucic passed back to Horton in the slot, but he couldn’t find the puck. A point shot by Boychuck hit a Canadian and bounced around, but Price made a spectacular save with his right pad. This became a very back-and-forth game. Each team having offensive surges off each spectacular save by Price or Thomas. The B’s brought the puck up ice, and Recchi was called for a hold at 17:55. The Habs went on their fourth powerplay of the night. Montreal attacked quick and early. They had a chance in the slot seconds into the penalty, and Camellaria fanned on a chance sprinting into the slot. The Boston PK unit though was up to the task. The best penalty killer was by far Tim Thomas. He looked sharp for the whole game. As the penalty expired, the period ended soon after. Boston took a 3-1 lead into the 3rd.

3rd Period

Montreal came out in the 3rd firing on all cylinders. Gionta had a chance in the slot, but Bergeron locked up with him to keep him from receiving the pass. The puck was passed behind the net by Hamerlik to Gionta, who then found Hamerlik who had a wide open net to shoot at. The puck appeared to trickle right past the post, and there was a pileup at the net. Boston grabbed the puck and had a 3-1 up ice, but Wisnewski hit the ice to block Marchands pass. Montreal got the puck back, and quickly started their counter-attack. Spacek took a shot from the circle that was tipped in front by Pyatt, But Kabrle was able to clear the net. Boston took the puck away, and Thornton headed up ice. Subban lined him up, but Thornton saw the hit coming and got his hands up to push-off the hit. Montreal would take the puck back up ice, and continue their relentless attack just 4:00 into the game. And at 4:08, Thomas Plekanec scored off a very bad-angle shot in-between the circle and the goal-line, and it got through the 5-hole of Tim Thomas. It was now 3-2, and Montreal had all the momentum in this game. Just 44 seconds later, Kostetsian took a slash at Ference’s legs, and he went down. And the very honorable Canadian fans booed. Boston went on the powerplay at 4:44. The powerplay remained pathetic, and very ineffective. The score remained 3-2.  As the game approached 10:00 remaining in the 3rd, Boston started playing prevent defense. They would take the puck behind Thomas, bring it to the neutral zone, dump it in, and just try to sustain some pressure for a moment. Boston would get their third 3-on-1 chance around the 13:24 mark, as Seidenberg knocked away a Canadian pass. The puck went to Kreci, who brought it up ice with Lucic middle and Horton far left. Kreci passed to Horton who shot wide. As Montreal was starting an attack, Gill gave the puck away to Thornton in the neutral zone. He passed between the legs to Campbell, who got a shot off that was tipped by Paille. The rebound was picked up by Thornton who just missed, going wide of the post. It was a great shift by the fourth line. The Canadians started getting some pressure on Boston. Chara cleared the puck and Gionta attacked his legs. Chara felt he was intentionally trying to take him out and potentially hurt him, and asked the refs as he skated up ice. The arms stayed down. Montreal has some huge chances on the counter-attack. Plekanec passed from the sideboards to Cammalleri in the center of the slot. He had the puck knocked away by Seidenberg. Kostitsan picked the puck up, and was robbed by Thomas with the right pad save. Then Hamerlik initiated contact against Ryder as he brought the puck up ice, and went down like he was shot as Jack Edwards said. He tried to nurse it for a penalty, but no call from the refs. Then Recchi was screening in front of Carey Price, and bumped into him. Price flopped down looking for an interference call. It was a pathetic display by the Canadians. Montreal brought the puck up ice, and started peppering Thomas. Thomas came up huge. He made one incredible save after another, including jumping on a puck trickling towards the goal line. He got the whistle, and the game remained 3-2. Montreal emptied the net at 18:51. Boston plugged them up in the neutral zone though. Montreal finally got into Boston’s zone with about 40 seconds remaining. Boston pressured the puck, and took it away. Kelly got the puck to Recchi, who passed back to Kelly who scored on the empty net to all but end the game, 4-2. He also buried P.K. Subban into the back of the net as well. Ryder gets called for a trip at 19:54 on Pyatt who tumbled through the air as if trying to fly. It didn’t matter, as Boston had stolen a game in Montreal. The series was now 1-2 in favor of Montreal.

Post-Game Breakdown

The Bruins looked very good in the game Monday night. They had some strong finishes by guys who need to finish. Kreci’s 1st period goal was huge for Boston. It gave them an early lead, which is critical to their success. It also should help spark the sagging 1st line, and especially Kreci, who missed on a similar play in game 2. Horton’s goal was lucky, but still, maybe it can get his confidence going. He did miss at an open net in the 3rd, which would have put the Habs away. Lucic has been invisible. His breakaway chance in the 2nd was pathetic. Bergeron had a very good game. He was pressuring the puck, and throwing his body around. It was a great effort by him, and we need to see more of that in the upcoming games. Just as long as Claude gives him the ice-time. The defense also looked much more improved. They weren’t making bad decisions with the puck, and chose the right times to pinch.The biggest star of the night though was Tim Thomas. He came up huge, making some incredible saves. His saves gave the B’s some momentum during the game. The two goals he let in were very soft. He should be able to take away that 5th-hole with ease. If he can take away those mistakes, Boston will be in good shape in the next game.

While this game does give me hope about the B’s, I’m still not sure about them. The Horton and Peverley goal were both very lucky. Boston only scored one true goal. Considering that, they should have lost 2-1. Their defense was much improved. They didn’t make any dumb passes like they did in the first two games, and it showed. Boston now has a considerably better chance to win game 4, but I still don’t expect a victory. Their a better road team, and have momentum, but this is the team that blew a 3-0 lead last year. Nothing surprises me anymore. The Canadians have only lost two series when up 2-0. The 1996 Rangers, and 2006 Hurricanes both beat the Canadians after losing the first 2 Both won the series 4-2. And the ’06 Hurricanes went on the win the Stanley Cup with now Bruin, Mark Recchi on the team. Maybe this Bruins team can get some magic happening.

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