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Moss to the Jets?

Really? Randy Moss going to the Jets. You might wanna start believing it. NFL.com is reporting that multiple league insiders say that because the Jets may lose at the very least one of their three free agent receivers, Braylon Edward, Santonio Holmes, and Brad Smith, that Rex Ryan is interested in the 34-year-old receiver. This is just madness. First off, Randy Moss was so bad last year, that three teams got rid of him. The Pats didn’t want him, because they realized how overrated he is. He takes the top off the defense, and he sucks the life out of your team. Randy Moss has been apart of the last two offenses to set the record for most points in a single season. Yet, neither team could win the Super Bowl. In fact, one could argue that the reason the Pats lost in ’07 was because of Randy Moss. How do you score 14 points with the most prolific offense in league history? I guess Plexico was wrong Brady, you didn’t even score 17 points. At least you can be happy about that.

And when the Patriots got rid of him, everybody thought they were toast. Everybody thought that Minnesota would be such a dominate team. Yet it was not so. So to Tennessee we go, for the next stop on this roller-coaster. And in Tennessee, Moss was virtually invisible. So we have a reoccurring them. Moss brings down whatever team he’s on. No matter how good the quarterback, or the running back, he just flat-out sucks the life out of them. So what exactly is Rex Ryan thinking?

Lets go back a year. Remember when he picked up LaDainian? Everybody, including this guy, thought LT was done. How stupid can you be to pick up a washed up 30-year-old half-back? But by the end of the season, everybody was saying, where the heck has this guy been for the past 3 years? So maybe, just maybe, Rex isn’t so crazy. Maybe Moss is a missing piece for this team. Maybe that old cliché of how he takes the top off the defense will actually work. If they continue to have a dominant D, a good  ground game, and can re-sign Holmes or Edwards or both along with Moss, they could be pushing for a third straight AFC Championship game.


  1. Amy
    April 14, 2011 at 7:22 am

    hey think you forgot to mention the fact that Randy Moss has a big mouth which was a huge reason for getting kicked off the Pats. Plus he was purposely screwing up at one point because he was getting paid by the other team. Apparently there was “no evidence” to prove that but everyone in the stands knew it.

  2. Tom
    April 14, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I hope the Jets DO get Moss…mainly because I hate the Jets-lol. Maybe you could write an article about the more important AFC East team–the DOLPHINS! (sorry, just had to say that)

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