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B’s in the postseason. Face Montreal for 3rd time in 4 years

As the NHL postseason is about to get underway today, I am looking ahead to the B’s game against Montreal on Thursday. I have a lot of questions about this team, and this series worries me. This is setting up to be a massacre for the Bruins. Montreal has had the B’s number over the past few years. Tim Thomas doesn’t have great numbers against Montreal either. That 7-0 shutout was an aberration. And the main problem this team faces, is that they haven’t proven anything to us yet! What have they done, besides lose 2 game 7’s in a row at home in the conference semi-finals, including last years very painful loss to the Flyers. We have the Coach Claude Julien, the Captain Chara, and key players like Bergeron and Lucic, who haven’t closed the deal. This team is different from the past 2 years, which may be a bright spot if you’re looking for one.

On the flip side, this could be a great series for the Bruins. Besides the fact that this could be great TV, the B’s could come out looking very good. A sweep is not out of the possibility as far as I’m concerned. The regular season series went in favor of Montreal at 2-3-1, but should have been tied at 3-3-0, if not for a OT goal by Max Pacioretty. That was a game the Bruins flat-out blew, especially Thomas in net. So, let’s say that the series finished tied at 3-3-0. That means the Bruins would have won 3 of the last 4 games against the Habs, and after the 7-0 whipping, the B’s might be Montreal’s head. Thomas might have some confidence after getting benched in favor of Rask (who lost 4-1 in Montreal), and then getting his first career shutout against the Habs last time out. Their goal scorers are also getting hot. Lucic, Kreci, and Nathan Horton are heating up, and the Bruins need those guys if they are planing on making it to the next round. Kreci is instrumental in the Bruins success. When he got knocked out last year against Philly, this team lost 4 straight. So if they want to win he has to stay healthy. Horton also has to be aggressive. Horton and the B’s play their best when they’re physical. The only way for this Bruins team to get to the next round is to beat up the Canadians, whilst staying out of the penalty box. It’s a very simple formula, but the B’s have proven that they are a team that will find new and exciting ways to fail.

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