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Sox have questions, but no answers.

With a good first inning by Jon Lester, hope is renewed in me. I remember that this club was projected by most to appear in the World Series, if not win it. But this season has not gone according to plan so far. The Sox started 0-3 against Texas, but I wasn’t too worried. Texas is still a great team, even if they don’t have Cliff Lee. I didn’t think though that 0-6 was next. Getting swept by an Indians team that has finished 27 below .500 last year was very unexpected. I tried to keep the faith, and taking 2 out of 3 from the Yankees was a great restart to the season. Then last night came. Matsuzaka was shalacked by an inept Rays lineup, without their most dangerous hitter. It was pathetic to say the least. Now, I am concerned, very concerned. If the Red Sox don’t start winning, and fast, I fear all hope will be lost. They can’t just start winning series either, they need to start sweeping. The only way for the Sox to start getting back into the race before they’re left behind by New York, is to start sweeping people. And if this club fails to make the postseason, for the second year in a row, after going out and trading for Gonzalez and acquiring Crawford, it will be a let down of epic proportions. The Red Sox organization may be setting themselves up to fail this year.

So what happens if this slow start carries over into May? Who do we blame? Their pitching, for having an average ERA of 7.29 ? Crawford, for batting .163? Theo, for putting together a team of talent and not chemistry? How about Francona, after all he has the supposed dream team? Why are they sputtering if their so good? Maybe a better question is, are they as good as we thought, or is their more to this team then meets the eye?

  1. April 13, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Although I believe the ship will be righted shortly, there is the possibility that the Sox will be a little too far back in the standings before long. I hope Francona finds the right lineup soon and sticks to it. Also, Dice-K is just plain awful and should be cut…the Sox really need another good SP to round out the rotation.

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